Road to Rio: Jason Young (USA)

Jason Young (born May 27, 1981) is an American discus thrower who competed in the 2012 London Olympic Games, finishing 19th. At Texas Tech, Young was a two-time All-American in track and field and placed 2nd in the discus at the 2004 NCAA Outdoor Championship. In 2010 and 2011, he was the runner-up in discus at the USA Championships. He finished 2010 as the number two ranked discus thrower in the world with his personal best at 69,90m (229' 3"), and has been ranked among the top ten in the United States six times.

season 1.6kg 2kg team location date notes
1997  38,40m | 126' 0" 15 years-old
1998 47,55m | 156' 0"
1999 61,10m | 200' 5" 52,06m | 164' 10" Denton Texas 18 June
2000 58,80m | 192' 11"  El Paso Texas
2001 59,96m | 196' 8" El Paso Texas
2002 61,00m | 200' 1" Waco Texas  20 years-old
2003 61,56m | 201' 11" Lincoln Nebraska
2004 62,91m | 206' 4" Abilene Texas
2005  dnc  injured
2006 67,86m | 222' 7" Abilene Texas
2007  dnc  injured
2008  65,84m | 216' 0"
2009  61,76m | 202' 7"
2010  69,90m | 229' 4" Denton Texas
2011  65,30m | 214' 3" Chula Vista California
2012  65,28m | 214' 2" Lubbock Texas  30 years-old
2013 63,08m | 206' 11"  Abilene Texas  injured
2014  64,36m | 211' 2"  Abilene Texas
2015  dnc  injured

Also added are my training stats for all time bests
• arm span- 2.09m
• standing throw discus-56.7m
• indoor discus- 65.37m
• standing throw with a 4k ball- 30.85m
• Schult tool 2.1k- 76.8m (regular length)
• Full Squat- 255k X 3
• Single arm snatch 102.5k
• Hang Snatch- 135k
• Clean- 190k
• Box Jump- 1.67m
• Standing long jump- 3.43m
• double leg 3-hop - 10.51m

Zylstra: How does the season look? What do you need to work on, improve?
Young: Nothing new to try, just old stuff that somehow I got away from. I'm sticking to my plan, and being a good competitor under all circumstances. Since this will be my last go round, I'm not worried about anything but my objectives. Money isn't a consideration, nor is sponsorship. This time around I'm not worried about next year. Just need to hit the Olympic standard and be top-3 at the Trials.

Zylstra: What is your training situation looking like?
Young: I'm living and training in Lubbock Texas. This year we are lucky to have only one big snow (20"), and the el nino pattern hasn't been very impressive here. February has been great, so my warm weather camp is here in good old north west Texas! We're leading-up to an April opener. I train mostly by myself, but at times I throw with Kole Weldon (fellow Texas Tech alumni standout and Olympic hopeful), and hopefully with my older training mate Matt Brown (USA Para-Olympian). I don't have a coach, just my own brain. I utilize others to see and rank movements for me though. This includes training partners, my wife, my old college coach (Cliff Felkins), or anybody who can help me with my 3rd person feedback.

Zylstra: What height and weight are you at and where do you want to be when you are at your peak condition?
Young: I'm 6'1" and 282lb and plan to stay around that weight all season.

Zylstra: Is throwing part of your winter training?
Young: Yes, throwing is always a part of training. I throw the 2k discus, 1.9k discus, 3k and 4k shots, and Schult training tool (2.1k). These weights all have had very positive relationships to my throwing, and good correlations over the years. On the contrary, throwing the heavy discus, and lots of other things have not shown much promise for me, as I adapt quickly to these throws and it ruins my feeling for several months with the competition implement. Throwing heavier balls, and tools for some reason does not have a negative impact. The lighter implement seems to enhance my feel with the competition weights. Mainly when I throw 3k, and 4k it is from standing.

Zylstra: Who do you see as medal favorites in Rio?
Young: Of course, the usual suspects will be favored. Without Robert [Harting}], the standard for medals in 2015 [World Championships] was a bit weak. Anyone who can throw 68m+ in Rio will be favored. Season's best and prior performances don't really matter.

Zylstra: Any time set aside to relax?
Young: My relaxation will take place once 2016 season is done.I look forward to taking my son to his first day of kindergarten! After that if I don't lose too much money through track, my wife and I can go somewhere special for our 10th wedding anniversary.

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