Saunders Breaks Barriers Putting 19,23m (63' 1¼")

AMES IOWA USA Nineteen-year-old Raven Saunders (15 May 1996) moved up the all-time women's shot put list with today's 19,23m (63' 1 ¼") at the Iowa State Classic (results). The South Carolinian and Ole' Miss sophomore jumped 2-time Olympian Tia Brooks' collegiate record of 19,22 m (63' 0 1⁄2") from 9 March 2013 by the slightest of margins. When Tia heard the news she texted me:
Huge congrats to Raven and Coach Smith at Ole Miss. This shows where America is heading in the women's shot. I'm excited to be part of it!

The John Smith coached rotational putter began her weekend with a 2nd place 19,72m in the 25 lb weight throw on day-one of the two-day meet. Saunders' record throw was with a $300, 103mm tungsten indoor ball built by Steve Bartholomew, owner of Dominator Athletics. It was weigh out at 4.025 kilos. Diameter was rechecked. Officials took a picture of it on the scale. Measured it with laser and steel tape–same distance. Weight and Measures official is certified as were the field officials. Ironclad. Coach Smith sure of it.

17,88m (58' 8")
foul (scraped the top of the seop board | 61'-high)
19,02m (62' 5")
foul (intentional | 59')
19,23m (63' 1 ¼")
foul(intentional | 59')
What kind of fouls did she have (foot, sector, intentional)?

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More to come...

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