Road to Rio: Jason "Dadz" Morgan (Jamaica)

Jason Morgan (born 6 October 1982) is a Jamaican discus thrower. On June 6, 2015 he set his national record at 68,19 meters . He won the gold medal at the 2010 and 2011 Central American and Caribbean Games–the bronze medal the the 2012 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. He's also competed at the 2007 (28th), 2011 (18th)  and 2015 (22nd) World Championships and 2012 London Olympics (39th).

2000 49,95m | 163' 10"45,64m | 149' 9" high school
2001 59,56m | 195' 5" 49,78m | 163' 4" high school
2002 49,78m | 163' 4"Louisiana Tech
2003 51,45m | 168' 9" Louisiana Tech
2004 53,00m | 173' 10" Louisiana TechLevelland Texas8 May
2005 53,23m | 174' 7" Louisiana TechPhiladelphia Pennsylvania29 April
2006 57,49m | 188' 7"Knoxville Tennessee26 May
2007 62,95m | 206' 6"Monroe Louisiana28 Aprilnational record
200860,14m | 197' 3"New York New York31 May
2009 59,37m | 194' 9"Monroe Louisiana25 April
2010 60,95m | 199' 11"Monroe Louisiana24 April
2011 64,11m | 210' 4"Monroe Louisiana28 Maynational record
2012 67,15m | 220' 3"Monroe Louisiana12 Maynational record
2013 65,94m | 216' 4"Ruston Louisiana16 March
2014 64,72m | 212' 4" Hattiesburg Mississippi 3 May
201568,19m | 223' 8" Pearl Mississippi6 June national record

Greetings Norm, good day to you and my fans all over the world. I am Jason "Dadz" Morgan. Just a little update about my 2016 season preparation. At this moment it's going really good. Actually feeling better than it has ever been. So I anticipated great results this year. But my main aim is to stay healthy.
I am excited about this season because I have a set workout with conditioning, lifting, and throwing cycles. I will be working with two different coaches that I am elated about. I am throwing some over-weight discus and they are going far.

I am not trying to rush my progression, because this season will be very important and long. I am getting into great shape, working on dropping some bad weight and improving my flexibility and my technique. I am really praying to stay healthy this year because last year I made good progress and had two injuries. That was so hurtful and disappointing. But that's the past this is the future.

I don't physically have a coach around me everyday. But I'm working with coach Rob Gire. He writes my program. I drive a hour and half to have sessions with coach Mike Heimerman at Northwestern State University once or twice per week. So that's super awesome for me. Having some assistance for my preparation for the Olympic Games this year. Its gonna be a great season. I see great timely progression so far.

I am hopeful of doing great things this season. I learned a lot from from good people about how I can approach my training. I will listen and pay more attention to my body. I don't have a medical team so I've been doing it all myself. This year I will be getting massages and chiropractic work. I did not know about what to do and when to do it so I could peak at the right time. I use to just throw and try to throw far ever time–just throwing and lifting whenever I feel like it. I use to spend whatever time and energy I have left to practice after I finish my full-time job. I would be so exhausted and tired and still trying to have good days. I pray and push on through daily.

I am now apart of the Puma family so I am humble and blessed for that. THANK YOU. So it's a good feeling and a good look for 2016 and beyond. FORVER FASTER.

I am now working a part time job at a Children's' home. I love working with kids, to motivate and inspire them. They are the future. I have a great management team also, All Starz Athletix. Its an Olympic year so now my training is precise and deliberate. I have nothing to prove, but I want to continue do my best to throw well and be a motivation to people around the world. Whether you do sports or not. But I am so motivated to continue break down barriers and represent for myself, fans and my country Jamaica. I just want to do great things in Rio this summer. So I can feel Timeless!!

REPORT on the ISTAF indoor discus competition:

The meet was good. I had a few throws over 63m that I fouled. My timing of hitting the right position was off. But that's okay. I know what I'm working on specifically for later this year. I felt good. I'm positive about my summer season plan to throw far. I am trying to get healthy at this moment. I am about 75–80%. Last year I hurt my back after my 68,19m throw. And getting my knees better.
Throwing at the indoor ISTAF Berlin meet was amazing. My first every indoor discus competition [laughter]. Next year I will be more prepared and precise about the meet. I heard about it last minute, so to go throw 60m is still good for me. I think I was the crowd favorite apart from their home town superhero Robert Harting [laughter]. It was so much fun. I was dancing while music played as I walked into the circle. They were clapping and chanting and singing. Amazing atmosphere. I love throwing!!

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