Road to Rio Off Season : Jared Schuurmans (USA)

Jared Schuurmans (20 August, 1987) is a US American discus thrower. He holds a personal record of 66,10 m (216' 10") for the event, set in 2015. He was the national champion in 2015.

Schuurmans won an NAIA discus title in 2010 while at Doane College. He was the silver medalist at the 2014 Pan American Games and in 2015 he placed 4th at the Pan American Games.

season bests :
2003 … 37,50m (123′)
2004 … 48,15m (158′)
2005 … 52,15m (171′)
2006 … 59,56m (195′ 5″)
2007 … 50,24m (164′ 10″)
2008 … 54,11m (177′ 6″)
2009 … 59,20m (194′ 2″)
2010 … 57,34m (188′ 1″)
2011 … 60,19m (197′ 5″)
2012 …  61,15m (200′ 5″)
2013 … 62,79m (206′ 0″)
2014 … 64,42m (211′ 4″)
2015 … 66,10m (216′ 10″)

other events:
shot put … 54′ 9″ (12 lb high school)
high jump … 6′ 8″ (high school)

training PBs:
2.5kg mini-hammer 75m, the 2.25 discus I’ve throw 61+ and the 3kg ball 36m from a stand.

Road to Rio interview with US American discus thrower Jared Schuurmans.

Zylstra: What is your current height and weight?
Schuurmans: 6'5" 282lb

Zylstra: What weight do you want to be at for season? Olympics?
Schuurmans: 277lb

Zylstra: What do you need to work on, improve?
Schuurmans: Technique is the focus of this year. Really of every year but this one in particular. I've had issues with my entry throughout my whole career but we finally found the answer this year. It's been exciting to see the change.
What are you doing different to prepare for the trials and/or games?
Everything, but also nothing. My system is very fluid and constantly evolving. I've never been afraid of change. I think it sparks thought and innovation. The biggest change this year is some technical improvements and some of the way we are cycling our weights. I injured my shoulder last year before worlds so I needed time to rehab and rest it. This year we decided to stay on the volume longer so I could building up the strength in my shoulder and as a nice surprise heading into our first strength cycle my numbers or much higher than ever before. At least 10-15kg on every lift. As for throwing we have made some changes to my entry that have really cleaned up my overall motion.

Zylstra: Is throwing part of your off season training? If so what do you throw?)
Schuurmans: Throwing is the biggest part of my off season training. I throw 4-5 days a week right now. 5-6 workouts. Those numbers will pick up to 5-6 days and 6-8 workouts soon. I'm throwing alittle of everything this year in size and weights. Doing a lot of 3kg bars 2.25kg discus combos. Some 2kg and even playing with the 1.8kg. I'll see the 2kg come into my program a lot more in a couple months.

Zylstra: Where will you be living in December- April? Who's in your training group?
Schuurmans: US Training Center Chula Vista, CA. I'm training by myself mostly. But also doing some workouts with Jason Harrell and Rutger Smith. On the weight side of things I'm very lucky. My programs are written by James Myers and he is there for every workout. He is one of the best lifting coaches in the world in my opinion.

Zylstra: Will you be going to a warm weather training camp?
Schuurmans: [laughter] Everyone comes to Chula Vista to train during the winter so I'll be here.

Zylstra: What weight lifting exercises will you do?
Schuurmans: The foundation of my program has and always will be Olympic lifts and athletic motions. I so a variety of general strength also but the Olympic lifts are the core. I'm also having to invest a lot more time into rehab and supplemental lifts because of my shoulder. It's back to 100% now but I'm still doing them to keep it healthy.

Zylstra: Are you trying anything new this season?
Schuurmans: This year I'm working in light implements for the first time ever. Just seeing how I respond to them now and if I want to carry that into my in season training. Technically my entry will be slightly different but much more efficient and consistent.

Zylstra: When do you plan to begin competing?
Schuurmans: I haven't set an exact opener yet. I'm in no rush. I may open at the Mesa classic or maybe even one of the long beach meets. I like to start at something small just for fun.

Zylstra: Who do you see as the medal favorites in Rio?
Schuurmans: I think Piotr [Małachowski] has to be most people's favorite. If Robert [Harting] is healthy he will challenge also. I think the event is more open then people think though.

Zylstra: What will you do to relax? Vacations planned?
Schuurmans: No big vacations planned. I did a four week backpacking trip around the country before I started the year so that's my big vacation on the Olympic year. I'm going to go do a training camp with Mason [Finley] up in the northwest so I'll get a little break from the city then and probably do a bunch of hiking.