Road to Rio : Tomáš Staněk (Czech Republic)

Tomáš Staněk (born 13 June 1991) 1st donned the Czech team kit in 2013 with a useful 5th with his 19,18m at the European U23 Championships in Tampere Finland. In 2015 he did not go through to the final with his 19th place 19,64m. In 2015 he set his personal best of 20,94m in Łódź.

Zylstra: What do you need to work on, improve?
Staněk: I need to get stronger in gym while staying as fast as I am now. My preparation for Olympic are the same as in other seasons. We are doing same practice schedule; only we added more technique practices without the shot put.

Zylstra: What’s your current height and weight?
Staněk: My standard weight is 190cm and 124 kilograms. As I get stronger I may gain a kilo. I don't want to gain many kilos because it would slow down me in the circle.

Zylstra: What are you doing differently to prepare for the Olympics?
Staněk: My preparation for Olympics is quite far. I hope that everything will be allright and i will stay healthy, my weight could be the same, or maybe about one or two kilos upper.

: In our country i have to throw the B olympic standard and also stay in top three throwers in Czech republic. From December to April i will train only in Czech rep., but after World indoor champs we will travel to Potchefstroom in South Africa for one month. Its our place for training camps before every season.

Zylstra: Where will you be training this spring?
Staněk: I will be living in Bloomington, Indiana. I’m the throws coach at Indiana University and I will be training athletes as well as training myself into June.

Zylstra: Who are you training with?
Staněk: I train in coach Peter Stehlik's group–along with Martin Novák (PB 19,70m) and Ladislav Prášil (PB 21,47m).

Zylstra: Does your group go to a warm weather training camp?
Staněk: Thanks to the South African training camps I can throwing almost year around. The Czech winters are very cold, too cold for throwing.

Zylstra: What stuff do you do in the weight room?
Staněk:amount approximately 400 per week. In gym we doing standart exercises like snatches, cleans, benches, squats, deadlifts, jumping with bar and back jerk and others. I see my coach about 4-6 days in week. We throw various weights of shots–6.8kg, 7.26kg, 7.55kg and 8kg. We also use 8kg and 9kg medicine balls.

Zylstra: What will you do to relax this season?
Staněk: The best way for me to relax is whirl pool and steam. For bigger problems I'm using our team physiotherapist for massage. last summer I vacationed in South Crete in Greece and it was amazing; so next year I hope to travel to Greece again, but tour a different island.