Road to Rio : Philip Milanov (Belgium)

Philip Milanov (6 July 1991) is a Belgian discus thrower. In 2015 he took home the silver medal from the World Championship in Peking with a lifetime best of 66,90m (219' 6"). He is a four-time Belgian champion and the 2015 World University Games champion in men’s discus throw. 

201156.00Izegem29 May
201257.66Sint-Niklaas17 May
201361.81Vilvoorde17 Aug
201466.02Hengelo8 Jun
201566,90m 219' 6"Beijing29 Aug
201664,30m210' 11"Potchefstroom 2 Feb

Zylstra: How are you doing physically?
Milanov: My current weight is 112kg and 1,98m high, the same as last year. I don't want to become heavier then 114 so I can maintain my speed. therefore I do not want to gain strength too fast. At my peak competitions I don't really care how much I weight, as long as I'm feeling fit for competition.

Zylstra: What's been going on with your training?
Milanov: The most important for training is not to change technique and gym exercises, but to improve on them. Every year I have potential to get stronger, little by little. It is also important for confidence.

This winter I spent some time at a warm weather camp in South Africa. At home we have everything for training, but the the level with other athletes is priceless. I always train alone in Belgium, just me and my father, Emil Milanovso, obviously I am more excited during training camps.

I never really stop throwing and never throw with less or more then 2k discus. Also like medicine balls, but in the discus or shot motion. Throwing the shot is also a good preparation for explosiveness, especially fun for indoor competitors because it gets you in the mood for the season.

Our throwing schedule includes a lot of overhead throws with 7kg and 10kg kettleball. We also do full rotation discus throws with the heavy kettleballs.
In the weight room I like to do snatches, benchpress, squat and cleans; I also implemented stabilization exercises to help me improve my rotation.

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