Road to Rio : Cory Martin (USA)

Cory Martin (22 May 1985) is a US American shot putter. His best international outing so far is a 9th place at the 2013 World Championships in Moscow. Martin's personal best is a monster 22.10 meters (72' 6 "), set on a sunny day in Tucson Arizona on the 22nd of May of 2010, drops him at #19 on the earth's all-time shot put list.

Zylstra: What do you need to work on, improve?
Martin: Staying healthy. It's been a constant struggle to have some consistent training without an issue. I've been fighting a back issue since 2013–which I think has gotten better. Technic wise, I need to work on waiting on the ball at the front and not forcing the finish. I have a tendency to raise up before I strike the ball and lose the hip drive at the front.

Zylstra: What's your current height and weight?
Martin: I'm around 6' 6" and 295 lbs, which is down from last season's 310 lbs. Dropped the fifteen pounds to give myself a little more speed and feel a little more fit. Planning to get down to around 287 lbs by March.

Zylstra: What are you doing differently to prepare for the Olympic Trials?
Martin: I’m 30 now and definitely don’t recover like I did when I was 24 or 25 years old [laughter]. I have incorporated little more recovery periods in my training and put a little less emphasis on lifting at maximal effort in the weight room. I feel I can afford to do this because of where my strength levels are.

Zylstra: Where will you be training this spring?
Martin: I will be living in Bloomington, Indiana. I'm the throws coach at Indiana University and I will be training athletes as well as training myself into June.

Zylstra: Who are you training with?
Martin: I train by myself.

Zylstra: What stuff do you do in the weight room?
Martin: I incorporate Olympic lifts, squats and bench. I also do a lot of balance, stability and mobility exercises to work the stabilizer and the smaller muscles that aren’t activated by some of the larger movements. These smaller muscles are the ones that need the work as they are the foundation for the lager muscles to fire and work the way they should.

Zylstra: Did you try anything new this off-season?
Martin: Yes, I have experimented with lengths of training cycles, heavy implements to light implements. I have also used some different combination of implements throughout a training block. At this point I have a good idea of what works for my body.
When do you plan to begin competing? I have no plans of competing until late-May. I don’t have a lot of free weekends with my obligation as a coach at IU.

Zylstra: What will you do to relax this season?
Martin: I'll have a whole lot of time after this year to relax as this plans to be my last competing. I thought I was done after last year. I have an infant son that I'd like to spend my time away from coaching with. I have one more year of training left in me and then I need to move on.

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