Road to Rio Off-Season : Roland Varga

Roland Varga (22 October 1977) is a Hungarian–Croatian Olympic discus thrower. An U20 decathlete (6,721 in 1995), his personal best throw is 67,38m (221' 0", June 2002 in Veszprém). Since 2009 Varga has competed for Croatia and in 2010 set a national record with 67,20m (220' 5").

season  discus meters  english  date  location
1990 1kg (13)  33,08m  108' 6"  Budapest
1991  1kg 46,44m 152' 4"  Budapest
1992  1kg  56,44m  185' 2"  Kaposvàr
1993  1,5kg  54,30m  178' 1"  Budapest
 1994 1,5kg 60,30m  197' 10"  Veszprém
1995  2kg 52,88m  153' 1"  30 July Nyíregyháza
1996  2kg 55,20m  181' 1"  22 August  Sydney
1997  2kg 58,70m  192' 7" 03 May  Budapest
1998  2kg 60,33m  197' 11"  30 August  Veszprém
1999  2kg 62,78m  205' 11"  02 June  Tatabánya
2000  2kg 65,39m  214' 6" 27 May  Tatabánya
2001  2kg 65,86m  216' 1"  08 August  Edmonton
2002  2kg 67,38m  221' 0"  29 June  Veszprém
2003  2kg 61,71m  202' 5"  10 August  Szombathely
2004  2kg 66,73m  218' 11"  14 July  Budapest
2005  2kg  65,24m  214' 0"  24 July  Szombathely
2006  2kg  64,31m  211' 0"  18 June  Thessaloníki
2007  [1]
2008  2kg  63,72m  209' 0"  19 September  Zagreb
 2009  2kg  62,76m  205' 11"  11 September  Budapest
 2010  2kg  67,20m  220' 5"  24 July  Budapest
 2011  2kg  65,95m  216' 4"  30 July  Budapest
2012  2kg  62,44m  204' 10"  05 Jun  Zagreb
 2013  [2]
 2014  2kg  63,43m  208' 1"  23 July  Szombathely
 2015  2kg  63,01m  206' 8"  09 June Zagreb

[1] suspended, found guilty of boldenone doping due to the use of a dietary supplement, Novedex-XT from Gaspari nutrition.
[2] injured, treated with back surgery

Hi Norm, I am more than happy to share my preparation plans for this season.

I finished my 2015 season quite late, on October 8, in Cyprus Lefkosa with 61,41m (201' 5"). Because I was in such good shape in October I decided to shorten my rest period so I started my 2016 season workouts on the 2nd of November.

My coach is my father and former hammer thrower (PB 63,66m/ 208' 10") Sandor Varga. We don't see each other too often since he is living in Hungary and I'm in Croatia. Mostly I train alone. It's really difficult but I've gotten used to it. I have been training only once a day, six times a week. It is difficult to find time to train along with coaching the throwing events for AK Dinamo in Zagreb and spending time with my wife Viktoria and two-year-old daughter Izabella

We have ten throwers on the AK Dinamo team. I have few good and talented athletes, hammer thrower, shot putter and even discus thrower who is preparing for Special Olympics.  Also, I am already thirty-eight years old, and I think one training session is enough.

We schedule three throwing sessions and two weight room sessions per week–on Monday and Friday I throw the discus and weighted bars on Wednesday. During the winter I throw heavy implements–2,25kg and 2,5kg and discii and 2,75kg and 3kg bars. In the weight room I do snatches,dead lifts, bench press and squats. Also, I do special strength trainings for discus twice a week. These are many different exercises for the shoulders, trunk and leg muscles. In the winter preparation I do jumps and running stairs. I switch this to vertical jumps and sprints in spring and during the competitive season.

In the winter we usually we going to training camp in Medulin, Croatia. Medulin is on the sea side of Croatia and there we have facilities for throwers really good. We starting the camping there from beginning on December. We plan to go there in January, March, May and July as well each camp for two weeks.

In Croatia if someone throw the standard for Olympic Games, automatically will be in the team. Even if do not have a standard but between the 32 in the World ranking.

For a discus thrower always have to work on his technique, strength or speed. But mostly on technique where is always something can be improved. But for next season mostly I wish to improve my flexibility what is hard job for old throwers. I'm 1,95m (6' 4¾") tall and weigh 123kg (270 lbs), I think this is optimal weight for me.

I wish to open my season 2016 in middle of May. I wish to have 10-12 competitions till middle of July. After those competitions want to make a smaller basic preparation for European Championships and Olympic Games.

I think will be open and interesting final in Rio. For medal can fight many discus throwers. Robert Harting always can be one of them. But there is Piotr Malachowski, young talent Milanov, Robert Urbanek,Gerd Kanter, Zoltan Kovago and I think the jamaican guy Decres can make a surprise there. I hope I will be able to compete with them and make final in my last big competition!
I hope my informations will be enough! But if you have any more questions just let me know. Thank you for asking me, I am glad to answering for a thing what I love and living for!

Best Regards
Roland Varga