The Big Clinic and Discus, Review and Analysis

When I first arrived at Grand Valley in my first staff meeting I asked about the possibility of hosting an indoor discus competition; 14 months later it came to fruition and I believe the experience to be one of the greatest throwing festivals ever put together and a model others will mimic for years to come.

Somehow I managed to convince two of the best throws minds in the world today, Justin Rodhe and Dane Miller to carpool in a van from Philadelphia and Columbus to speak on training and coach during learn by doing segments. Somehow I managed to get a handful of elite discus throwers to compete at 5:00PM on the Saturday before Christmas and somehow we managed to get not only 80 throwers and coaches to the clinic but an additional 100 in person and 200+ streaming live audiences to enjoy the show.

The clinic began as all throwing segments should with pizza and an hour long episode of 'scared straight' featuring Dane Miller as he wonderfully and tactfully dissected what it takes to be a successful coach and athlete, brutality honest, funny and true the session ended with 1 question from the audience in the form of a statement 'You f****** Rock!' from one of the high school coaches that had driven 5+ hours to attend.

We had attendees from 7 different states make their way out from the 3 hour lecture, 1.5 hour learn by doing and elite and open discus competitions.

Following Dane's over-view and in-depth uncovering of the undertaking of becoming a successful athlete we had more pizza, after the pizza Justin Rodhe broke down rotation throwing technique, cues, progressions and needs. With clear language and demonstrations Rodhe dismantled archaic throwing philosophies and continued to show the audience the world Dane shocked them with, the Alter-Throwers.

After this there was still some pizza left and I spoke to the audience about how to take what Rodhe and Dane had just thrown at them and not only apply it to their high school career but how to utilize the information for a greater transition to throwing in college or post collegiately. I thought of my role as a capstone to the classrooms that tied together the Technical and Training information presented by JR and DM. If you are interested in hearing what Justin and Dane had to say please contact them for recordings of their lectures or just go see them in person!

After a short break the attendees were invited to participate in a learn by doing experience in the shot, weight or discus. This was the true catalyst for the special afternoon as all the students were able to take all the stuff they just got matrix'ed into the minds for three hours and try real world applications with the people they learned it from!!! (You can get more information on these two guys by following their business ventures: Rodhe Sport and Garage Strength/ Earth Fed Muscle.)

So many times you jump into a learn by doing clinic and you drill for an hour and take 10 throws, so many times you go to a throwing lecture and see stats and numbers and graphs but no connections. Well, for the first time ever, and with the highest quality instructors people at the clinic were given the opportunity to mentally digest raw and true material and then apply it to themselves and others with the clinicians overlooking.

This was also a world first as the only learn by doing clinic to ever feature ZERO DRILLS. We had 2 shot rings  a weight ring and a series of discus pads and over the course of an hour and a half we threw, and cued, and threw some more. Following this there was no pizza but instead an elite discus competition that broke the field house record and was broadcast live over periscope. (The replay can still be viewed here for a few more hours I believe:…vy3PDpbYs8NdbXLuPL4wH8fWu

It was so fun, to me, to have people coming up to me and saying not only were they watching it all across the country but that it was a clear sharp image and you could hear everything. It also turned out to be a great experience for trolls as in the periscope APP you can message directly onto the screen for the entire audience to see. For me this was a great opportunity for sport enthusiasts to come together as you could sit there and commentate the event with hundreds of people and even have the moderator supply information you were requesting in regards to competition.

If anybody is going out to some cool meets this year please contact me and we can hook you up with Throwholics periscope and broadcast your competition across the world from our phones.

Below are listed the Best Marks my male and female throwers with the 1, 1.6 and 2K discus from the evening. Some clips of elites can be found here: htttps://


Alex Rose 59.97m

Jeff Milliron 57.73m

Brian Williams 56.10m

Dylan Benagis 54.84m

Ryan Njegovan 53.20m

Denzel Graham 52.21

Eric Masington 52.06m

Duke Taylor 51.02m

Nick Baatz 50.00m

Paul Evans 48.81m

Mike Moon 47.58m

Blake Donson 46.29m

Danny Block: F


Samantha Lockhart 49.63m

Jaevyn Wortham 47.14m

KD Young 43.95m

Jada Jackson 41.22m

Kaylyn Hill 40.17m

Riley Johnson 39.58m

Rachel Bicknase 38.70m

Hunter Perry 36.83m

Liz Pyles 36.50m

Hannah Heide 34.83m

Aviana Hopkins 33.75m

Jessica Marvin 33.04m

Carly Fischer 29.98m

Abby Reppert 29.58m

Mara Clark 28.34m

Haley Goeble 27.41m

Manon Lutzke 24.45m


Sam Meece 48.18m

Connor Covert 47.60m

Isaiah Ledesma 47.52m

Shae Watkins 45.98m

Dan Howe 43.15m

Terry Gooch 41.52m

Hunter Marvin 40.02m

Nick Krawczyk 36.30m

Zach Williams 35.87m

Grant Barnes 35.13m

Trevor Roznowski 31.43m

Nick Mckinney 29.14m

The performances weren't all world class but a lot of the kids had fun, we had stadium seating, music and world class athletes mixed in with average humans, all just throwing and enjoying what we all loved  together. Speaking with our USATF official, Jon Jarvi during the competition we thought of how amazing it was that all of these people came together under the roof to participate in such an event; how having such a facility can bring so many people to places they'd never otherwise go and to meet people they'd never otherwise know existed. That's why track and field is so special, why throwing is so specials....That is why Rodhe and Dane's talks were so special, why the athletes at the clinic were so special, why Grand Valley is so special and I just felt really lucky to be a part of all of that last night for a few hours.

I look forward to putting this on next year, with some slight improvements (no day of registration for the discus competition), perhaps a shot/weight competition and more speakers/topics. If you know people or topics you'd like to learn more about please message me and we can start working on putting together The Best Big Throws Clinic around...