Javelin Throw men Beijing world championships 2015 Qualification round

The Men's qualification round was underway today, with some surprising results.

Yes it was only the qualification round, and most of the top athletes would not be throwing there hardest but still needed to pick there place for the finals, the automatic Qualification distance was set at 83m, Julius Yego the current 2015 world leader managed 84.46 on his second attempt and qualified for the final, along with Vítezslav Veselý on just getting the distance with a throw of 83.63,  Antti Ruuskane scraping his was into the final with a throw of 82.20, Thomas Röhler who recently throw a new PB of 89.27 made his way into the final with only a throw of 83.23, Tero Pitkämäki who has a PB of 91.33 that he set back in 2005 made his way into the final with a throw of 83.43, Tero recently also throw a seasons best of 89.09 back in June.

Ihab Abdelrahman El Sayed from Egypt booked his place in the final with a throw of 82.85, Ihab was the world leader back in 2014 with a throw of 89.21, But surprisingly a few new faces stood out in the competition, Ryohei Arai from Japan is currently 2nd in the overall qualifaction list with a throw of 84. 66, his current PB is set at 86.83 we hope to see lots more from Ryohei, another thrower Braian Toledo who set a new national record of 83.32 and is also now in the Javelin final, but the overall winning throw in the competition was from Andreas Hofmann from Germany who set a brand new PB of 86.14 and winning the qualification round.

All results can be found by clicking HERE

Overall, the Men's javelin Final will be big, because there are 5 Top throwers that have all thrown over 89+ meters, hopefully we will see some 90m throws, but we will all need to wait and see for the final.

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