Road to Beijing: Amanda Bingson

Amanda Bingson (born February 20, 1990, in Victorville, California) is an American track and field athlete specializing in the hammer throw. She is the current American record holder in the event with a distance of 75.73 m (248' 5") set at the 2013 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

Season bests:
In high school Bingson was a 40' shot putter and 130' discus thrower.

2009 55.19m (181′ 1″)
2010 64.07m (210′ 2″)
2011 69.79m (228′ 12″)
2012 71.78m (235′ 6″)
2013 75.73m (248′ 5″)
2014 75.12m (246′ 5″)
2015 70.94m (232′ 9″)

How has your training been going recently?
Training had been going well it is nice to be back with my coach [Greg Watson] for while so that we can put some finishing touches on our throws.

What is the focus of your training schedule?
Consistency is always our focus. Stay consistent in our training and in our days. It is so easy to get distracted with everything else and wanting to go out on adventures. But my coach definitely makes it easy to remember our goal.

Is there anything new you are implementing into your training?
Nope, as I said above, it is all about consistency.

What technical issues are you working on?
Ball speed and keeping it left (no move ball, move hammer).

Where are you currently training?
I'm in Narita, Japan with Team USA at our training camp.

Are you training with your coach on site or long distance?
In the US, coach Watson and I are a training long distance but we make it a point to see each other throughout the year.

Are you currently working a job?
No, I am one of the lucky few that do not have to work a job.

What competitions do you have planned?
Just the World Championships, there are not really any other comps for the hammer

When will you travel to Asia?
We arrived in Japan on the 13th. I leave for China August 22 to compete on the 26th.

Will any friends or family be travelling to Beijing?
No I only have Team USA and my coach in Beijing.