Road to Beijing: Jenny Dahlgren

Jennifer Dahlgren (born 21 April 1984) is an Argentine hammer thrower. Having spent much of her life in the United States, she competed as an amateur for the University of Georgia. She set the US collegiate hammer record (72.94/ 239' 3½") and was the NCAA Outdoor Champion in both 2006 (weight throw and hammer) and 2007 (hammer). She is a three-time gold medallist at the South American Championships and won the bronze medal at the 2007 Pan American Games. Jenny threw also the Argentine national record of 73.74m (241' 11") which is by the way also the South American Record as well. She is 30 years old, living and training in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  At the 2011 World Championships in Daegu, Jenny placed 10th. 

Her achievements:

Hammer World Championships finalist 2011
Hammer Pan American Games Bronze Medallist 2007
Hammer NCAA Champion 2007
Hammer NCAA Champion 2006
Weight throw NCAA Indoor Champion 2006
Hammer 4th at World Youth Championships 2001
Hammer 5th at World Junior Championships 2002

2000 56.68m (185′ 11″)
2001 57.18m (187′ 7″)
2002 59.48m (195′ 2″)
2003 61.60m (202′ 1″) NJR AJR
2004 66.12m (216′ 11″) AR
2005 67.07m (220′ 1″) AR
2006 72.01m (236′ 3″) AR
2007 72.94m (239′ 4″) AR
2008 66.38m (217′ 9″)
2009 72.79m (238′ 10″)
2010 73.74m (241′ 11″) AR
2011 73.44m (240′ 11″)
2012 72.79m (238′ 10″)
2013 72.64m (238′ 4″)
2014 71.66m (235′ 1″)
2015 72.01m (236′ 3″)

How has your training been going recently?

Training in the last few weeks has finally been feeling and looking a lot better. 2015 has been a difficult year so far.

What is the focus of your training schedule?

With so few days left to compete, we are doing few throws but high intensity. The focus is to throw fast but to be loose, not get stiff.

Is there anything new you are implementing into your training?

I feel that after seventeen years of throwing and after seven years of working with my current coach it's not really about implementing more new stuff, more working on the things that work for us.

What technical issues are you working on?

Being loose. Not to tighten up during my throw. Keeping the ball long and my footwork tight.

Where are you currently training?

Right now we are in Papendal Training Center in Holland with the rest of Team Argentina (we are a total of six athletes on the WC team, four of which are throwers)

Will you be attending any training camps at another site? If so, where and when?

From here straight to Beijing

Who is your current coach?

Marcelo Pugliese, 3 time Olympic discus thrower

Are you training with your coach on site or long distance?

On site luckily.

Are you currently working a job? If so, what and how many hours a week?

Just an athlete but I do have a little throws school twice a week where I teach kids the throws.

What competitions do you have planned?

I'm looking to do some meets after Worlds but nothing is confirmed yet.

When will you travel to Asia? When will you travel to Beijing?

Straight to Beijing the 18th

Will any friends or family be travelling to Beijing?

Not this time, my parents came to Beijing to watch me compete in the Olympics in 2008 but it's pretty far and expensive for another trip. Also, since I didn't have the standard until recently, no plans were made.