Beijing Ready: Amber Campbell

Hey Norm! So I'm opting out of [US camp in Japan] training camp so I can spend as much time training with my coach as possible. He can't make the trip to China so I want to optimize my time before Worlds [Championships]. I'll be leaving for Beijing on [August] 19th.

But training is going great, and I'm excited about the progress that I'm making. As always the focus for my training is being technically sound and moving the distance out. My biggest flaw is not maintaining proper posture, so we are really focusing on that.

I train in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my coach David Vandergriff and it's really hot and humid here just like it is in Beijing so I don't have to worry about acclimating to the climate.

I do currently work a full-time job and I put in forty hours a week in addition to my training load. It's tough, but I make it work as best I can.

I don't have any family traveling with me, but my old college coach recently retired and he has chosen to come and support me. His name is Alan Connie and he was the head coach at Coastal Carolina University while I was there, and he has always been very supportive!

I plan to have more competitions after Beijing, but I don't know which ones I have been confirmed for.