Road to Beijing: Betty Heidler

Betty Heidler (born 14 October 1983 in East Berlin) is a German hammer thrower, and the former world record holder. She now lives in Frankfurt and is a member of the Eintracht Frankfurt athletics team. She works for the German Federal Police where she is member of the sports support group and started studying Bachelor of Laws at the Fernuniversität Hagen in 2007.

She put in a dominant performance at the 2010 European Cup Winter Throwing with a winning mark of 72.48 m, beating her nearest rival by more than three metres.

Heidler won the inaugural IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge in 2010, finishing at the top of the rankings ahead of Anita Wlodarczyk. She won the gold medal at the 2010 European Athletics Championships then went on to take the silver medal at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics. In May 2011, in Halle, she achieved a new world record in hammer throw, with a result of 79.42 m. She began the 2012 season with a series of wins, performing at the Colorful Daegu Meeting, Golden Spike Ostrava and Prefontaine Classic.

In the 2012 London Olympics Heidler won the bronze medal. The event was not without controversy as the referees first failed to correctly measure Heidler's bronze winning throw.

2000 56.02m (183′ 10″)
2001 60.54m (198′ 7″)
2002 63.38m (207′ 11″)
2003 70.42m (231′ 0″)
2004 72.73m (238′ 7″)
2005 72.19m (236′ 10″)
2006 76.55m (251′ 2″)
2007 75.77m (248′ 7″)
2008 74.11m (243′ 2″)
2009 77.12m (253′ 0″)
2010 76.38m (250′ 7″)
2011 79.42m (260′ 7″)
2012 78.07m (256′ 2″)
2013 76.48m (250′ 11″)
2014 78.00m (255′ 11″)
2015 75.73m (248′ 5″)

How has your training been going recently?

The training is going pretty well. I am quite satisfied.

What is the focus of your training schedule?

That depends on the time of the season: In exchange technique, strength or speed up

Is there anything new you are implementing into your training?

We work every year with new exercises or new exercise combinations, however, important is always that we try so to throw farther.

What technical issues are you working on?

I always work on the entire technique and depending on the training phase of small elements.

Where are you currently training?

In Berlin

Will you be attending any training camps at another site? If so, where and when?

During spring, fall and winter we travel to warmer regions of the world: US or South Africa

Who is your current coach?

Since 2001 Michael Deyhle is my coach.

Are you currently working a job? If so, what and how many hours a work?

I work at the federal police but in a special sports promotion group in which I am completely isolated for the sport. My training is therefore my work. By the way I am studying law at the university.

What competitions do you have planned?

The next competitions is the World Championships in Beijing, China. After that I will be competing at the ISTAF in Berlin.

When will you travel to Asia? When will you travel to Beijing?

We travelled to Asia on the 15th and fly to Beijing on the 23rd of August.

Will any friends or family be travelling to Beijing?

No, that's ok so! They should watch the competitions relaxed in front of a TV!