Beijing Ready: Rodney Brown

I'm actually skipping out on [US camp in Japan] camp this time. I'm going straight to Beijing on the 20th [August]. I felt that the right decision at this time was to stay back with my coach and get a few more days of training with him before I head over to compete. So, instead of leaving this week and having to train two weeks kind of on my own, although there would be an appointed coach. I could use this time to get in the weight room and still have the face to face interaction with Derek Yush, who I've grown accustomed to. Then I can travel with a little more confidence knowing I'm not forming any bad habits on my own.

Also this will allow me to travel-up and get acclimated a couple days before caovh Yush travels to Beijing to pick up where we left off in the States. I know it's not the ideal situation but with my having to play the waiting game to see if I was going to get into the meet or not I think it's the better decision for me and my training at the time being.