Robert Harting does not defend his WC title!

Robert Harting, the Olympic, World and European Champion has made his decision not to compete in Beijing. At today's press conference at the "Bundesleistungszentrum" in Kienbaum Germany, Robert Harting announced that he is not willing to take the risk.

These are sad news for the throwing world. The Olympic Champion Harting decided not to compete at the upcoming world championships in Beijing, China. The risk of getting injured once again is too big and he does not want to jeoparise the Olympic Games in Rio next year. In 2009, 2011and 2013 Robert Harting was undefeated at the World Championships. In 2015 someone else is going to become the discus world champion.

Robert Harting:
It is not possible for me to compet in Beijing. I cannot compete due to personal reasons. I would have to risk too much which I am not willing to take. If I woud tear my ACL once again I would probably not be able to compete at the Olympic Games in Rio next year. The decision is based on a mix of risk, gut feeling and my current shape.

Harting is now focusing completely on the Olympic next year in Rio. he wants to defend his gold medal of 2012. Harting always made clear that he is not willing to take the risk of defending his Olympic title.