IAAF responds to Robert Harting's video message on Facebook

Robert Harting released, with other prominent athletes, such as Julia Fischer, Kathrin Klaas, Eric Werskey, Robin Schembera and André Höhne, a video called:

Dear IAAF U damaged our sport this is what we have to say

Today the IAAF responded with the following:
The IAAF very much appreciates and admires the passion, commitment and strength of opinion of all clean athletes and their feeling of intense frustration following the recent unfounded media accusations concerning the IAAF's anti-doping programme.

Therefore we would love to welcome Robert Harting, whose no nonsense anti-doping stance we greatly admire, to come and talk to us so we can address his concerns and illustrate why WADA has confident in our commitment. We therefore offer to invite Robert to our offices or to one of our competitions to see personally what the equally passionate and committed personnel of the IAAF medical anti-doping department are doing on a day to day basis in the fight against doping, rooting out the cheats and protecting the credibility of competition in the interests of the vast majority of clean athletes.

Everyone who has not seen it yet: