Road to Beijing: Sophie Hitchon

Sophie Hitchon (born 11 July 1991) is a British hammer thrower. She is a former World Junior Champion and the current senior British record holder with a throw of 72.97 metres in the 2013 European Team Championships in Gateshead.

Representing Team GB at London 2012 Hitchon has also represented England in the hammer throw at the 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games, winning gold.

2007 54.56m
2008 60.73m NJR
2009 63.18m NJR
2010 66.01m NUR NJR NR
2011 69.59m NR NUR
2012 71.98m NR NUR
2013 72.97m NR NUR
2014 71.53m
2015 72.23m

How has your training been going recently?

Training has been going pretty well, the feeling of my throw has been alot better recently.

What is the focus of your training schedule?

My training is mostly based around throwing with specific exercises and some weightlifting.

Is there anything new you are implementing into your training?

There isn't much different or new in training, just working on improving technique.

What technical issues are you working on?

I'm working on getting my left-heel down straight, right now it comes in too much. Also getting the ball out to the left-side and staying back during the throw.

Who is your current coach?

I work with Tore Gustafsson. Sometimes we work together long distance sometimes. He is there for specific training camps.

Are you currently working a job? If so, what and how many hours a week?

I am a full time athlete so that's my job

What competitions do you have planned?

I just had a competition in Poland where I had a seasons best but we don't have anything planned now until Worlds.

When will you travel to Asia? When will you travel to Beijing? 

We are going to Japan for training camp, we arrive on August 11th. On to Beijing on the 19th.

Will any friends or family be travelling to Beijing?

No, my family won't be going out to Beijing.