Harting pro Anti-Doping-Fonds

After the revelations of the ARD documentary "Top secret doping, in the shadowy realm of athletics" Olympic Champion Robert Harting has once again brought an international anti-doping fund into play.

"It is as usual about the international comparability of the anti-doping fight," Harting said. In this fund, all countries would have to pay, doping control officers would get diplomatic status and could so freely and without prior notification enter and leave the countries. "Everyone who cheats will be excluded," Harting added.

In general, the triple world champion Robert Harting fearsthe public perception about the problems of athletics. The purpot remains negative, the population will speak badly about the sport," said the 30-year-old.

The ARD documentation had raised accusations against Russia and against Kenya. In addition, experts analyzed a database of the IAAF with 12,000 blood values. They came to the conclusion that there is evidence of doping offenses admit at one seventh of the samples.