Philip Milanov breaks NR 66.66m boosting confidence for the WC

Discus thrower Philip Milanov has some extra confidence tanked for the world championship. At the meeting Philip Milanov increased the Belgiu record to 66.66m and qualified for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. In about two weeks the 2015 World Championships are held in Beijing, China. Philip Milanov seems to be ready.

At the meeting for Mon in Leuven, the 24-year-old athlete improved his national record in the discus event to 66.66m, improved the previous record by 23 centimeters. He threw 66.43m in Kessel-Lo in April. As another boost for his national record he also achieved the qualification standard for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio next year. Milanov is brimming with confidence. Last month, he was the best at the Universiade in South Korea and in the Diamond League meeting in London. On the Diamond League in Stockholm Milanov confirmed his good shape with a second place.

Philip Milanov opened the competition with solid 63.03m. Then he threw two fouls, both of them very far and very close to the national record of 66.43m already. His fourth attempt was the best of today. it was measured 66.66m. Philip is more than ready for a great performance at the World Championships in Beijing.

Philip Milanov:
"The third attempt was also beyond my former Belgian record, but I hit the ring with my toe. Also in the second turn I came with my foot on the ring. Of course I am very satisfied with my national record and also glad that I now officially thrown the minimum for Rio. But I think that today even had something more in it."

"I've actually trained especially after Stockholm for a week to twice a day. Say at 95%. Only yesterday I had cut back a little. The conditions today were very good and the stadium in Kessel-Lo has second good discus rings. In April I tossed from the ring to the other side. I have this season been particularly stable and also have to address the right rhythmic feel. Everyone thinks discus's only strength, but that rhythmic feel is really important. I used a lot of skateboarding done. That feeling comes to me in the discus now in very handy. "

Milanov is a very strong Belgian asset for the World Championships in Beijing. After today, his chances at the World Cup has only increased. "With throws of nearly 67 meters, I can finish very high indeed at the World Cup."   To illustrate his great regularity Philip closed today its competition with 65.94m. The Meeting for Mon was his last competition before the World Cup. On August 16, he travels to the training camp in Japan.