Krisztian Pars becomes national champion with 78.35m

Next to all the other national championships, also the Hungarian Championships were held today. Actually, today were the 120th of them. The Olympic hammer champion of 2012, and double vice world champion Krisztian Pars won the 120th Hungarian national championships with 78.35m.

Krisztian Pars, who threw the 7.26kg hammer 79.91m in 2015, tossed the hammer implement to 78.35m for today's victory. With all five valid throws Pars would have won the competition. He opened with 76.76m, and improved then to his best effort of 78.35m in the second round. During the next rounds he still threw good results with 77.74m, 78.22m and 75.08m. The youngstar Bence Pastor, who just won the bronze medal at the U23 European Championships placed 2nd with 72.41m. Akos Hudi became 3rd with 71.47m.

Eva Orban struggled to get into the comptition. Lucky for her there were only 7 throwers to compete in the women's hammer event. Otherwise her four first attempts, all fouls, would have kicked her out of the competition. But then, during the 5th round she showed what she is capable off and tossed the 4kg hammer to 68.57m and improved that effort in round six to 69.67m for the victory. Reka Gyuratz placed 2nd with 67.77m and Zsofia Bacskay threw a new personal best of 66.87m for the bronze medal.

Anita Marton won the women's shot put event by 4m ahead of the competition. All her valid throws would have been enough for the victory. Reka Szilagyi won the women's javelin event with 54.92m, followed by Angela Moravcisk, who threw a new personal best of 54.47m and Annabella Bogdan (54.11m).