Benn Harradine with victory at Swedish Championships (63.54m)

The Aussie Benn Harradine is based in Sweden for quite a share of the year and participated at today's national championships. Harradine threw the 2kg implement to 63.54m for the victory. Axel Härstedt placed 2nd in the competition with 63.07m. Daniel Stahl won the national championships bronze medal with 60.20m and Niklas Arrhenius placed 4th with 59.68m.

The Aussie Benn Harradine is usually during the summer over in Europe and most of the time based in Sweden. At today's Swedish national championships the Aussie competed in the men's discus event. He was counted in for the national championships and took the victory.

Benn threw the 2kg implement 61.60m in the first round. This effort would already been enough for the second place on the podium. But throughout the competition he had to improve because Axel Härstedt improved as well. Axel's best attempt of 63.07m to become 2nd at the national championships pushed Harradine. During the 5th attempt Benn threw 63.54m to take the victory of the overall competition. Daniel Stahl placed 3rd in the competition and won the bronze medal of the national championships with a best effort of 60.20m. Niklas Arhenius who placed 4th threw 59.68m.

Elias Hakansson won the men's hammer event with 71.31m which meant a new season best for him. Oska Vestlund threw 70.39m for the 2nd spot on the podium and Mattias Lindberg 65.02m for the bronze medal.

Fanny Roos became the Swedish shot put champion with 16.83m and Tracey Andersson the hammer champion with 68.73m. It was a tight battle with Eleni larson who's best attempt was 67.12m for the silver medal. Anna Wessman won the women javelin competition with 56.12m and Sofi Flink placed 2nd with 54.70m.

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