Road to Beijing: Christoph Harting

Christoph Harting (born 1990) is a German discus thrower and German champion in this discipline in 2015. In 2015, the 2.07 meter tall and 120kg strong German qualified for the World Championships in Beijing. He is the younger brother of Robert Harting, the Olympic, World and European Champion. But in 2015 Christoph made a name for himself throwing 67.93m

Harting was successful before his German championship in 2015, especially in the junior category. Three times in a row he won the German Championships U23 juniors (2010 to 2012) and in 2011 Christoph became fifth in the U23 European Championship.

2008 52.00m (170′ 7″)
2009 50.19m (164′ 8″)
2010 61.10m (200′ 6″)
2011 62.12m (203′ 10″)
2012 61.22m (200′ 10″)
2013 64.99m (213′ 3″)
2014 63.78m (209′ 3″)
2015 67.93m (222′ 10″)

How has your training been going recently? 

Whoo said i train..? Just kidding, training is going pretty hard cause of the very warm weather. Everything above 30 degrees makes you train double..

What is the focus of your training schedule?

Focus is getting way faster these days. For me it's most important.

Is there anything new you are implementing into your training?

Not really.. We don't use new implements or trainings-tactics.

What technical issues are you working on?

As I said before, the greatest issue of my technique is being not fast enough. the missing speed leads to more technical issues, so fixing one will fix some other issues I hope.

Where are you currently training?

Our preparation is split up. First we're going to train in Kienbaum, Germany. Afterwards we have another week of preparation in Jeju, South-Korea, immediately b4 WC.

Who is your current coach?

My Coach is Torsten Schmidt, a former discus thrower.

Are you training with your coach on site or long distance?

Our coach is with us in the trainings camps, if this is the answer you were looking for.

Are you currently working a job? If so, what and how many hours a week?

Actually I am federal police officer of the German federal police. I finished my education this year in February. The benefits of being part of the "federal police sports school Kienbaum" are pretty obvious. Because it's a sports school, we're kind of privileged to train and compete all year long to earn sporting achievements for these department.

What competitions do you have planned?

For now the only competition which is planned are the world championships. afterwards we'll see..

When will you travel to Asia?

As I said we're going to South Korea for another week of preparation. I will depart on 18th-08-2015 heading there.

When will you travel to Beijing?

I am going to travel on 25th-08-2015 from Jeju to Bejing.

Will any friends or family be travelling to Beijing?

My friends and more important my family are always with me, not in person but in mind and heart. In person there is my coach, my training college Julia Fisher who is going to compete at the women's discus at the world champs and hopefully my brother who'd be my hardest opponent.