Schwanitz without doubt German Champion

The women's shot put at the German championships has just finished as well. Without a surprise Christina Schwanitz won the competition. Her best attempt was 20.00m. 

Before the competition it was pretty clear that Christina Schwanitz is going to win the women's shot put event. She opened with 20.00m being almost 3m ahead of everyone else. Throughout the competition she did not improve anymore but had three more valid throws of 19.81m, 19.59m and 19.23m in the final round.

Lena Urbaniak placed 2nd with 17.28m. She recently broke the 18m which was too far for today's competition. Until the final round Lena was only in 4th place, behind Denise Hinrichs and Josephine Terlecki. She then unleashed the 4kg ball to 17.28m to take silver. Denise Hinrichs placed 3rd with 17.19m and Joesphine Terlecki 17.03m for the 4th place.