Carter Beats Shot Put Queen Adams at London DL

The 2nd day of the the IAAF Diamond League meeting in London, Great Britain is taking place today. The women's shot put event has just finished. The American putter Michelle Carter won the competition with 19.74m, Valerie Adams placed 2nd with 18.59m and Cleopatra Borel 3rd with 18.53m.

The women's shot put event has just finished. The American shot putter Michelle Carter was today's best. She opened the competition with a bang. Her first round effort was 19.74m which was in the end the winning throw. With 5 out of 6 attempts she would have won the London Diamond League meeting. After her first round effort of 19.74m, she tossed the 4kg ball to 19.45m, 19.59m, 19.11m, 18.90m and a final round effort of 19.30m. Carter was clearly the best shot putter of today's competition.

In 2nd place, the shot put queen from New Zealand. Valerie Adams is still struggling with her form. She said she will be ready for the world championships in Beijing, China and everyone should know that she will be. But today she was not in top form yet. She threw the 4kg ball to 18.39m in the first round and improved in her 2nd attempt of 18.59m. She fouled all four remaining throws.

Cleopatra Borel, who just won the Pan American Games in Toronto, placed 3rd being only 6 centimeters below Adams. She tossed the ball in the first round to 17.83m and improved during the competition to 18.53m. Jilian Camarena-Williams placed 4th with 18.24m and Brittany Smith tossed the 4kg ball to the same distance for the 5th place due to a lower 2nd best throw.

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