Fedrick Dacres adds Pan American Discus title to his collection w/video

The currently held Pan American Games 2015 in Toronto, Canada have revealed already some good throwing events. Liz Gleadle won the women's javelin event with 62.83m, then O'Dayne Richards breaks Pan American Record (21.69m) for Gold, Kibwé Johnson remains Pan American Champion, Rosa Rodriguez won the women's hamme event and Cleopatra Borel the women's shot put.

The next great throwing competition was the men's discus event. The Jamaican Fedrick Dacres won the competition with 3rd round throw of 64.80m. By wining the gold medal at the Pan American Games, Dacres added another gold medal to his collection. In 2011, Dacres won the U18 World Youth Championships with the 1.5kg. One year later, he won the World Junior Championships with the 1.75kg implement.

Fedrick Dacres opened the competition with 63.01m, added 62.39m in the 2nd round before going for the winning throw of 64.80m. The 4th (63.05m) and 5th (64.40m) attempt underlined his great shape and maybe even an aim for the upcoming world championships.

Ronald Juliao got close to Dacres in the final round by throwing 64.65m to secure the silver medal. He opened with 60.89m, and improved to 63.15m in round two. Then three fouls followed before his new season best of 64.65m.

Russ Winger being in 5th position after the first round, moved up some positions with his 2nd round throw of 62.64m. Russ could not improve any further during his remaining 4 attempts. Jared Schuurmans placed 4th and misses a medal by only 32 centimeters. The Cuban Jorge Fernandez placed 5th with 62.04m and Timothy Nedwo, who just competed in the men's shot put the other day threw a new personal best of 61.49m taking the 6th place.

Discus, 1.75 kg World Junior Champion 2012 Discus, 1.5 kg World Youth Champion 2011

Pan American Games - Men's Discus Throw: