Big win for Teemu Wirkkala at the Savo Games 2015

At the Savo Games in Lapinlahti, Finnland Teemu Wirkkala won the javelin competition with strong 82.71m, Tomas Stanek the men's shot put with 20.33m, Nataliya Semenova the women discus with 59.98m and Sanni Utrianen the women javelin event 58.61m.

There is no doubt that the men's javelin event is one of the best throwing events by the Finish population. At the Savo Games Teemu Wirkkala, who is "only" the 4th best Finish thrower won the competition with 82.71m. Next to Teemu, there are Tero Pikämäki (89.09m), Ari Mannio (86.82m) and Antti Ruuskanen (86.61m). Despite the fact that Teemu Wirkkala has achieved the entry standard for the upcoming world championships in Beijing, China, he might not be able to go there. His season best of 84.39m is 2m below the strong Finish trio. Sami Peltomäki placed 2nd with 76.41m and Jani Kiiskilä 3rd with 74.66m

The Czech shot putter Tomas Stanek won the competition with ease. All 4 valid throws were enough to place on top of the podium. He opened with his best attempt of 20.33m and produced another 20m throw in his last attempt. Arttu Kangas placed 2nd with 19.32m and Tomas Söderlund 3rd with 18.22m

Nataliya Semenova from Ukraine won the women discus event with 59.98m. She opened with 55.63m before she threw the 1kg implement over the 59m mark in round two. This would have been enough to win the competition but she increased her lead with better throws of 59.41m and 59.98m. Sanna Kämäräinen placed 2nd with 58.07m and Yekaterin Burmistrova 3rd with 53.84m.

Sanni Utrianen, won the women javelin competition with 58.61m. She threw a personal best of 60.08m back in June, which would be almost 1m below the qualification standard for the world championships. Lina Müze placed 2nd with 58.02m and Kim Hamilton 3rd with 54.09m.