Joe Kovacs blasts the 7.26kg ball out the stadium 22.56 (74' 0¼")

Unfortunately, the clash between double World Champion David Storl and Joe Kovacs did not happen. David Storl called in sick and decided to rest his stiff neck. Maybe a good move after knowing that Joe Kovacs just blasted the 7.26kg ball out the stadium with a new world leading throw of 22.56m. In addition, it is a new meeting record and a new diamond league record!

In the absence of the World Champion David Storl, US shot putter Joe Kovacs has made an outstanding throw at the Diamond League meeting in Monaco. About one month before the World Championships in Beijing (August 22 to 30) won the American champion with 22.56m and achieved the world's largest throw for twelve years.

Kevin Toth, also American, tossed he 7.26kg ball 22.67m back in 2003, but had been banned because of his steroid abuse. World Champion Storl hat recently triumphed in Lausanne with a personal best of 22.20m in front of Kovacs 21.71m. Storl did not compete today due to his problems in the neck.

It seemed to be a good call for not being here today for Storl. Kovacs opened with strong 21.53m, being the only one going beyond the 21m mark during the first round. Christian Cantwell threw 20.95m, Tom Walsh 20.34m and Jordan Clarke 20.31m.

It was the second round, in which Joe Kovacs wrote history. He destroyed the current world leading throw, the meeting record and next to all that, the overall diamond league record. He blasted the shot to 22.56m. Christian Cantwell improved to 21.14m and Resse Hoffa going also over 21m with his 2nd round toss of 21.08m. Ryan Whiting also improved in the second round to 20.73m to take the 4th place up to now.

In the third round only Tom Waslsh improved on his previous throws. He also threw 20.73m, same distance as Ryan Whiting. But Tom being more consistent, had a better 2nd best throw to take the 4th place for now.

During the 4th and 5th round nothing happened which would have changed the order, only Cantwell improved to 21.24m to secure his 2nd spot on the podium. Kovacs underlined his amazing shape with another monster of 21.91m in his last round.

It is going to be a very interesting World Championships final in Beijing, China. We all hope that David will be back in top shape so these two can create history!

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