Interview: Erik Cadée

Erik, this year you are really on fire ... first in USA then at the FBK Games which proved you can throw far without a wind support. What´s the main reason for your long throws this year?

First of all everything went according to our schedule as I could train whole winter without any physical problems. Besides that, I worked more on the mental aspect as well. And in general the program gave me more rest at certain moments. I also did more easy throws.

You are using a technique that Aadu Krevald invented a decade ago. What are the main benefits of this technique?

Actually some German used it already longer before. What I do at the moment is very similar but with quite important differences. The main reason I started with it, was because it felt really good straight from the beginning and it gave me a more solid start, exactly where I was looking for.

You are rank #1 discus thrower in Netherlands. How popular is throwing there?

Well with Rutger Smith it always got more attention for the last 10 years, but in general you can see that as a country we produce better throwers and that's a good thing. With success, the attention and popularity will come, so a lot of work ahead for me and the others. Impossible to beat football, speed skating, tennis and few other sports.

Erik de Bruin is the holder of Netherlands discus record with 68.12m. You feel you can throw that far this year?

In USA I felt I was able to break it, but only with a perfect throw. Now it's harder because I won't focus on chasing big winds and will just train towards Deagu. Next year would be nice, but after Olympics I just want to break it, although 70 meters sounds better.

Your girlfriend Kaie Kand (heptathlete) is from Estonia. How often you visit Estonia?

At the moment I stay for a week in Estonia for a short break and a few trainingsessions with Aadu Krevald. In the last 2 years I've been here quit a lot, I think over 10 times. Have to say I like the country especially on the Island Saaremaa where Kaie is from, totally different nature than you can find in Holland.

What is the difference between Netherlands and Estonian training facilities?

First of all Estonia has a lot more indoor-facilities, already 3 in Tallinn itself.  As a thrower I can't complain because the facilities at our Olympic Training Center in Arnhem where I live are perfect. Way bigger weightrooms than in Estonia and no waiting times, because only high level athletes are training there. Athletics in Estonia is more alive because there are more halls and tracks in every small place or next to a school.

What goals have you set for this year?

Top 8 at the World Championships in Daegu.

What are your long term goals?

A medal and 70 meters.