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    Hello Bob. My father and coach , Burger Lambrechts sr made a very similar comeback in 2010. In his professional carreer he threw 20.9m and won the 1998 commonwealth games. He stopped in 2004 and startedagain in 2009 . He also kept a general fitness in the gym and when he wasnt throwing. When he started his comeback it was a very long and slow process. It took him about a 2 years to throw 60 feet again and when he started he had troubel throwing 16m fullturn. By 2012 he threw 20.12m on the age of 40.

    The only advice I can give you from what I've seen is to not give up and train hard. Just get in there and do it.

    Thats interesting and has always been a common occurrence. I have noticed one thrower that went into footfall after high school but I'm not really sure about his football achievements. His name is Margus Hunt he won the world junior champs in early 2000s (I think 2004) in both discus and shot put also taking the world junior record in the discus at the time. He is Estonian and as far as I know he went into American football

    I know this has nothing to do with recent events, but I only recently realized something and it got me thinking. Rutger Smith is making a good comeback and I did a little research about his career before his terrible injury. I realised that because of the Mikhnevich doping ban, Rutger's rank at the 2007 world championships has moved up to 3rd in the shot put. This means he achieved a dubbel medal at a world champs ( he was 3rd in the discus as well).As far as I know he is the only person ever to have done that making him ( in some way) the best discus/shot put double in history , unless I'm forgetting about someone? If you guys know about someone else please share, but I am fairly surton. :):thumbup:

    Not right to feel sorry for them. They've had structured doping and cover-ups since the 60s in the old USSR. I'd already heard from multiple sources years before this came out - athletes (current and former), officials, and coaches - regarding the confirmed evidence of this. Not fair when (most of) the rest of the athletes are vigilantly scrutinizing every little supplement they take and eating highly disciplined diets while the dopers can do whatever bc they can rely on the drugs for help; the tests are finagled and officials are paid off, damn IAAF... Corrupt like any institution/governing body over professional sporting venues...look at the NFL and FIFA - just BS. Take a trip to Texas and talk with Mike Stulce at his gun range, he'll tell you all about the corruption-and he has a dozen witnesses including people who were in the 'private meeting' before they decided to DQ him. Beside, half these guys have biochemists good enough to cheat the tests without the use of known masking agents on the WADA list. Pisses me off.

    Very true, I agree with you... What is the story with Mike Stulce your referring to? I always just figured he dropped of the radar after his gold but I really don't know much about him.

    There is definately a lot of doubtfull cases , but I definitely think we're gonna see some very surprising performances at the worlds. There is not one clear leader this year in discus ( Malachofski is winning all the diamond league comps but I don't think he is throwing far enough to take gold. although you never know) It is definitely a new discus era and it is going to be very interesting to see everybody's performance. I personally want to see how Fedrick dacres wil perform seeing as he is only 21 and throwing 66m.

    Many shot put greats has come very close to breaking that record (most recently Cantwell at 2009 worlds) but the record has been standing for 28 years wich definitely makes it one of the longest standing throwing records in the world. I can just imagine how much it would mean to the guy who finally breaks the record.

    I also think David is going to win, but that is only because he is my favourite shot putter. Its not that he has an advantage over the americans, because many americans has had seasons bests or very close to a seasons best on world champs or olympics in the past (sometimes further than they had thrown at the trials). I'm not saing that it isn't difficult to peak for the trials and perform at your best at the worlds, but it is possible. Whoever wins , I really hope they finally break the championship record.

    Joe Kovacs is fouling the same type of throws that Randy was fouling at the time that he broke the world record. I know fouls doesn't count for much if you can't get close to it with legal throws . In my opinion Kovacs is in world record shape and there is a lot to come from him this year . what do you guys think?

    because the results are not 'official' any more , they don't bother weighing the implements at the track any more . That means that Athletics South Africa won't except the results . Thanx for the advice , I'll try sending it to tilastopaja . I wil also try to send the results to ASA when i have big throws anyway and see what happens.

    The problem is that since Athletics South Africa has been pretty much bankrupt , they don't have enough funds to do their job properly any more . They aren't putting the results of high school compititions on their system wich basicallialise the results is on our Nationals , this is also the only chance that I would have next year to qualify for the worlds , since it is the only compitition that my distances would be official. This huge flaw in our system means that some high school meet records are better than the national record.

    I know two guys in South Africa who are both still 16 years old like me and both of them are on about 61 - 62 but I don't really have compitition in the shot put . I have also seen about 4 - 5 guys on the iaaf youth ranking list (in shot put and discus) who are throwin very close to or further then my marks. However, even though we are 3 guys on about 60m mysel on 19m in the shot , we are not on the iaaf ranking because of the poor administration in South Africa .