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    I have to agree with the points made by gmenelau. Very well said man. The only thing I can add would be keep working on the speed of the penultimate. When your right foot hits the ground your left is even with it or just past it. The best throwers in the world are so fast that as soon as their right hits the ground, their left foot is almost coming down into the block. I struggle with this as well. It's what separates the good college guys from the pros. Speed speed speed! Regardless it was a good throw!

    A sophomore from Colby College by the name of Andy Fullerton,who has never thrown a javelin in college according to TFRRS, uncorks a huge throw. Number one in all of D3 as well as a new D3 national record to beat the D3 record of 75.55 by Tim VanLiew of Rutgers-Camden. He threw his throw in the 2013 D3 National championship. This throw would put Andy number 3 in D1 and number 1 in D2. I hope someone got it on video.

    TFRRS | Track & Field Results Reporting System

    Hello all! I am a freshman collegiate javelin thrower who is looking for any pointers anyone can give. This throw I am posting a video to is a 57.10 Meter throw or 187 Feet 4 Inches. It is my official PR although I've thrown over 59 meters in practice. It was very cold at this meet and windy so 57.10 is a good result. I have very high aspirations for throwing and would appreciate anything anyone notices in my throwing.

    The biggest things I know I can better are...

    1. Faster Feet. When my right foot hits my left foot needs to way out and almost hitting the ground.

    2. Faster left side. When my left foot does hit the ground my left side needs to turn in quicker so that my chest is out and my right hip comes through.

    3. Block. My block fudges a little bit and could certainly be extended farther out to create a deeper reverse C.

    4. Relax. I am trying to hard and I am pulling way too early.

    Have at it and feel free to tear my throw apart. Thank you all!

    I would have to say the javelin throw is one of the most technical events but also body breaking movements. When you run down the runway hit 13 mph and than come to a halt and throw but you are unable to throw through the tip the energy goes back through your body and can cause lots of injuries. I think the throwing style Zelezny exhibited isn't as prevelant anymore. I'm not saying wrapping isn't still heavily used, but I think more throwers are focused on speed and power with less wrapping. Take Viteslav Vesely the world champion who has only thrown 83m this year? When you watch him throw he runs fast, develops speed, holds it and explodes and fouls a lot because of his speed. Also if you find the right camera angles, he doesn't wrap much. Zelezny on the other hand didn't foul that much because once he finished throwing he would stomp down with two feet and be well clear of the line and he heavily wrapped the javelin in his approach. It is true the numbers have dropped, but I also think the technique has changed over the last couple years to athletes trying to be balanced flexible throwers that can hold strong positions through the plant, without needing to twist and curl the body in ways it wasn't ment to be. Just a thought, I'm no expert, just a high school graduate who will be throwing in college as a freshman next season trying to learn as much as he can about Javelin!