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    Regarding the interface of the throwing surface with the feet: in general, the ability to give on rotational force is good, and the ability to hold without slipping on lateral force is also desirable. Giving on rotational force allows rotational momentum to be preserved and less torsional stress on the knee. Holding on lateral force allows for greater generation of speed across the circle and more confidence without fear of slipping.

    Depending on the event, some factors are more important than others. In general, hammer/weight throwers prefer the fastest circles and glide shot prefers a slower ring.

    So, as a trivia question, who can go deepest on the top all time female hammer throwers whose name is Britney or Brittany, or variations of spelling of that name?

    <p>So regarding the capitol shot put venue, looks like the circle is on a stage that is elevated about 40cm from the surrounding area.&nbsp; Is the landing area uphill from, say, the edge of the platform to about 15m so that the relevant landing area between 15 and 23m is the same elevation, within 1/1000, of the throwing surface?</p>

    I have painted the black rubber discs. I leave one hemisphere black and paint white. just put athletic tape or any tape with the edge down the middle and spray paint half of it white. The white will eventually wear off.

    Not sure about reconditioning rubber discs. I have seen old rubber discs that start to crack and fall apart. I guess all rubber does that eventually--could use some Armor All or similar vinyl/rubber protectant, but might make disc slippery and not sure it's good with skin contact.