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    Well, Mati, my own transition from the glide began several years ago before I stopped throwing for 10yrs(at that time my rotation was only about 17.5m, having practiced for a month, but I had been throwing for 10yrs). But having picked it back up less than a year ago, I quickly exceeded my gliding PR of 19m by about 1.5m. I regularly exceed 20m practicing, currently working with different shot weight combinations. At 6'1", I'd say it would definitely get you through the ring faster. Personally, I couldn't imagine someone with shorter levers NOT rotating. Europe needs to start rotating if they want 22m+ throws.

    Just start up, shoulder-width stance/shift left/open wide left leg/start slow...if you can feel the rotation and learn to channel that central axis of rotation of the ball through the middle of the circle, you're cooking with gas. You may be able to gain 1-2m relatively quickly(within 6 months). Gotta watch it, though, you can generate uncontrollable speed when you're really going for it and let's just say I've fallen over my share of toe boards in the last 8/9 months.

    Thanks for your comment Odysseus, im going to give it a try to spin and see how it goes in a few months. Cheers!

    Mi event is the shot put, im 6,1 tall (1.84 m.) My PB is 17,09 (glide). im 23

    -Bench 180k.
    -Deathlift 200k.
    -Back squat 230k.
    -Front squat 200k.
    -Clean 160k.
    -Snatch 110k.

    How far should i be throwing with spin? (only a estimate)