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    hello @Bruno Bigoni the one thing that I've noticed in your throws is when you come out of the back you tend to pull your left shoulder possibly to feel more speed and that's causing you to become off balance. Then again in your block you're pulling your left shoulder hard so you're falling away from the board and not striking the shot as nice as you should.</p>

    I do this as a drill. Put it on my back and grip with a snatch grip(at the collars) and just go through the full motion of the throw into the power position.

    I usually do 20 to 30 reps at about 5 at a time and do this to make sure I stay down on my left out of the back and through the throw.

    I have a 14-year old boy in need of size 17 shoes.
    I've seen the adidas shoe in 17, anything else out there?

    I don't think there but Asics goes up to size 16 but they are really big shoes from what I've heard so possibly look into those but the Adidas may be cheaper and come in his size as well.

    Do I use wraps, straps and belts in the gym? Yes. The reason for that is because we are throwers not power lifters, not olympic lifters and not bodybuilders. Our main focus is throwing and lifting comes after that. Granted many throwers are super strong but with the addition of wraps, straps and belts is a good protective measure to avoid injuries in the weight room.

    If you listen to a lot of power lifters a lot of them will say that it's better to protect yourself in the weight room then lose a week or more from a injury that could have been easily prevented.

    @Norm Zylstra I will but I was reading a bit more and looks like I need to buy a can of white for a base layer so I can cover the pink but I have a pair of the white Zoom SD 3s that I will experiment on since I don't need a base layer.

    For the new Nike's and the pink swoosh I'm going to try something. There is a product called Plasti Dip, it's mainly used for cars but it will stick to almost anything (Shoes included) and can be peeled off. So I just ordered a can and will try it out on an old pair of shoes and see how it turns out. If it does then the new pink Nike's will turn into a black and bright orange pair of Nike's.

    I have used almost everything throwing shoe out there except for Asics and the new Saucony. I also have a decent collection of throwing shoes as well. For throwing the shot I've always found my way to the Nike Zoom SD I really like the feel of the shoe and feel that they are much better built than the Rotationals so you will get more life out of them depending on how much you throw and your events. For a faster shoe I've like the new Adidas Discus/Hammer because I haven't worn a pair or Rotationals since the black and silver ones(Rot3). But since my school is Nike I'm waiting for the new Rotationals to come in and will see how I like those.

    Also here is part of my collection of shoes.

    Also @ClayWeidenhamer are the Nike's that you are talking about the all white Nike's with the gold swoosh? If so I know Dylan Armstrong had those for a while so you can possible grab a pic of his.

    There's another commercial with Christian Cantwell I believe. It was with either Visa, Snickers or Mars Bar. Basically it was him throwing and he throws the shot out of the stadium.

    I can't seem to find that one.

    @Florian van Dijck I really don't know because I haven't been to many stadiums where they could/would hold the NCAA championships. I'm also a DII thrower so I won't come across many of them anyways. But with being the NCAA championships being in Eugene for so long I think it would be a good idea to do some additions to allow viewers to watch a particular event. So something like the throws all your really need is a fixed camera on the ring which could be mounted next to an actual cameraman who could assist if something goes wrong.

    With all of the camera technology out there in other sports and the money that Oregon has a few cameras and equipment isn't going to damage their bottom line.

    One things that has to happen with the NCAA being in Oregon for such a long period is have better coverage of all the events going on. Have a camera per event that is going on. So if there is long jump, shot put, a distance race and say pole vault then online there should be a stream for each event. Not just one main stream where 98% of the time is the running event and then a quick glimpse at the field events and right back to the running event. It's track and field not track and maybe a bit of field if we feel like it.

    I'm sure like myself as long as I get to watch the event I'd be quite happy considering the lack of exposure of track and field anywhere. They can go full out covering the races just show the field events, please.

    For the outdoor throwing in winter that I have done in Canada this is what I have done.

    Cleaning items:
    plywood board or tarp
    Towels and lots of them

    Usually I'll clean out the circle the day before salt it and cover it so I don't have to clean it out again.

    Winter compression gear. Long shirt and tights (this is help the most with the sweat)
    Sweat pants with shorts underneath
    Long sleeve shirt and a t-shirt
    Thermal Socks
    Hat and gloves.
    Blanket for in between throws
    Garbage Bags(For putting over your shoes so they stay dry when getting implements)

    Really it doesn't take much just layer up and bring a thermos of coffee or anything warm.

    Just a simple suggestion that could be very helpful. Throwing implements can get very, very expensive to buy and very expensive to ship as well. I know many people like myself have a collection of implements bigger than a small university and some of that can just be sitting there collecting dust. So why not sell it to someone else that could use it? Why not have a thread or section with items member put up for sale or even deals that websites have that can save a thrower a lot of money.

    @Matt Marcoccia What do you exactly mean with the database of throwing rings?
    Maybe we can have a category in our linklist and add there all the links?
    Is that something you thought of?

    Well I remember when I first started throwing I came across a website that had this. It had a map of North America and you click on a state and it would have the location and a few photos of the rings at that location. This website no longer exists.

    I believe it can be a lot easier to do with the help of Google Maps just post a photo of the area from Google Maps, the location of the ring and any information that could help example contact info and closures, etc.