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    I know this is non-standard question, but I am sure that all coaches have had to take precautions for this at some point in time. Or at least they have had discussions about this before.

    Due to the personal 1 on 1 nature of coaching the throwing events, what are some of the precautions that you can take to protect yourself against any situation ever remotely occurring with your athletes.

    Do you just make sure that you never become friends with any of your athletes and keep everything extremely cold and professional? Do you just never coach any athlete that is of the opposite sex?

    I have heard of high level coaches having 'relationships' with their athletes. I don't really agree with this, but I know of certain instances where those relationships have led to long marriages. That is not what I am referring to.

    I know this is a touchy subject, but I was just wanting everyone's opinion on how to best avoid this situation from ever coming up in the first place.

    Does anyone have a cheap javelin they are wanting to part with? I have an athlete that is going to be a decathlete next year and I am looking for a javelin for him to start with. Just something cheap is fine. It can even be old rules.

    You can email me directly if you want at

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    One thing that always helps is confidence. Confidence on meet day that is bordering on arrogance. It sounds bad but it helps when the first two throw go out of bounds and ya need a big throw to make finals on #3. The confidence will help tons when stepping into the ring on that last throw.

    Also simulate meets in practice. Have some kind of reward/pressure to make the big throw. Have all of practice stop to watch for the last throw of practice. Learn how to USE that nervousness and hype.