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    I'm a glide shot putter and I'm having a problem landing in the power position,I can't get a heel toe foot alignment. When I land my feet are toe toe alignment not even toe mid foot. Any help is greatly appreciated.


    Jim - this worked for me in college and now I have all of my high school kids do it too. Pick a line (inside on a court or a lane on a track or something) and just do repeat glides. Little time in between reps. Start with your left foot on the left side of the line and your right foot on the line. Perform your glide and land with your right foot still on the line while your left crosses over and lands on the RIGHT side of the line. Throwing is like golf - muscle memory is important. Trick your brain into thinking that's how you always land. The drill isn't taxing and you can do it almost anywhere

    Hope that helps

    I liked first place in college - and 84% or so. Now that I'm a coach I prefer Gill for whatever reason (release seems a little easier. Maybe a 'sharper' edge) and they're generally in the high 70's to low 80s. Last year I had a thrower get 7th in the state and I had him with a 90-92% rim weight disc