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    Nelco gold (87%) and Olympia (80%). Denfi is excellent discus but its not for rainy days or when the grass is wet) there seems to be a cap between the rim and the plates. So when you throw, water flushes to your fingers at the release, point ruining the a centrifuge.. Someone else noticed this? Model Ultimate Spin.
    I noticed this on nationals and later my brother bought one and he cant throw it when theres water on the field.

    Exercise Video: Hip Flexor Stretch with Foam Roller

    if you have tight flexors(like myself) this is a good way to increase mobility there(if you already have good mobility down there, this wont do any good for you).
    Good mobility in the flexor is essential to sprinting and jumping and throwing is a sort of a combination of these. Right?
    There are even studies about the affect of stretching the flexor and its correlation to improve vertical jump. Don´t know how legit these studies are, but i improved doing these( same time i did jumps and squats so wash it down the toilet).
    Throwing is a tension-relaxation sport and for the beast result you need to be explosive and relaxed. Best way to be able to perform this is when you have good mobility in the right muscles.
    Like Brian Oldfield once said: Loose it up to juice it up!


    My rationale behind this is that I operate on the basis of a 'twitch', not a grandiose squat and a full pull back. The twitch is much faster and the rate of acceleration out of the power stance, in my opinion, produces MUCH more force. Out of a deeper squat and a longer pull on the ball, this isn't possible (be nice, wouldn't it ).

    Im with you on this one, its the same kind of problem in the discus. You either twitch hardcore or focus on the jump(deeper stance) you cant have both. Of course it´s different in the discus, but in this matter there are many similarities.
    Im not sure why you cant do both(okay my posts are useless) but i think it has something to do with the link between legs and the torso. Its a very hard equation. These kinds of things make the throwing events interesting, because there are many types of technique(and stories) to deliver the best result for an individual.

    Looking good! Hope you hit it big time soon!

    Throwing the 1k is very different than throwing the 2k disc. Just saying. I could stir a little bit and say " men make the throw at the start and women at the end of the throw".
    (1st single support phase is much more important to a man than a woman, because there are lots of differences in nearly every aspect. For instance some shoulder muscles produce only 15-25% of the power of a man´s correspondent * same muscle mass!) just one thing that differs.
    So when talking about the technique lets not mix up these two. (it´s hard enough as it is)
    ps. not for OP or anyone else, just a random the batmobile!

    Well it depends. If you have been training hard the whole season, maybe 2-4 weeks.
    I usually ease the training when coming to the main event of the season(nationals) and after that i don´t lift, run, jump etc. and solely focus on competing(autumn wind mayhem) and try mastering the technique. I also like to throw 1 kg and other stuff that i don´t do that much in the summer maybe even a little hammer throw as well . No stress or anything just concentrate on having fun. So my style allows me to start training after 1 week of resting, because i sort of had my rest period there, only my CNS might be whacked because of the high intensity throws with the light implements.
    Anyways everyone starts with cardio work and everything non-throwing exercise so I get my nerves back on track before I start throwing for the summer.
    So my point being: listen to your body, it will tell you when it´s ready.
    Everyone is an individual in this as well, like in any other thing related to sport.

    My 'new' pair of nike Zoom5's are performing as good as any shoe I can remember, albeit not the most comfortable(wide foot), but they're getting there after a month in-service, they were only $80, definitely better than my old aasics.Just wish they made them in different widths (Nike runs big, so a 15, triple-width would be optimal). Eventually I'll just tear the side of the sole and need new X( ...330lb whipping around like a juggernaut in a throwing ring isn't easy on any shoe...almost 350 if you count the shot.

    I have wide flat foots and adidas is slightly wider. Nike is a tremendous shoe but adidas even lasts longer(had nike for ~5000 throws adidas shows now signs of slowing down at ~6000)

    Awesome vid. People should pay attention to what is happening now at the high jump pit. Spectacular things. That Barshim jumping 240 in eugene, is a good example of jumpers and throwers are not very different at heart. We like to yell and celebrate that we are alive and loving the sport we do, chilling the day and then explode at the court. Gotta love explosive power, nothing quite like it.
    Thrower and jumpers don´t fit in the traditional comprehension of beauty, BUT WE DON´T CARE! We are gorgeous and we know it. We are not the narcissistic sissyboys league like the sprinters who spend their time watching themselves´s from the mirror.
    Sorry about the nearly angry tone there. Just came back from training and did some sprints and sprinters acted like they owned the place. When they ran to the end of the track they walked slowly back by the track and there was people waiting to run too, they could easily have jumped to the side of the track like everybody else, but no. And no it wasn´t their reservation it was for everybody.
    And the point........can totally relate to jumping events

    what is your correlation between the to distance wise?. MIne is 0.9 (~50m 55.50m). Like you said, patience is a good word for describing the feeling there Matt. I started doing non-reverse throws in my 20s, by then i had build up serious problems to the end of the throw. My technique was fast, but incorrect. I never didin´t finish the throw, I quickly did the reverse after landing to the power-position and didin´t follow through the sequence(hip, pivot,shoulder, posture). I would recommend these for everyone from time to time

    So fellow discus throwers. How much/often you do the non-reverse throws. And any thought´s on implementing it to the training regime. I have found it useful to get the feel of the power-position back in addition to the usage of the left leg(right hand thrower), when it tends to vanish and the power in reverse throws leaks. Also the right shoulder in the end of the throw sometimes needs corrections and this "drill" is a good way to get the shoulder "hit" the disc again.
    ps. i don´t know the correct terminology(my god there is 1000 vectors in throwing events) so i hope you get the point and any thought on this matter relating to non-reverse stuff is welcome :D

    Even the smaller throwers(super guys) tend to have big arm-span, like Delis and Washington both 185cm"6"1 . These guys had 215cm ,,,,,,whats that in inches.......c´mon get the metric system :) for a average human the correlation between height and arm span is +-10cm obviously it is more with these+2m fellas. Luckily discus is not just about the arm span, but of course i don't deny physics.