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    At more and more track meets I see see coaches recording their throwers on a iPad during a competition and analyzing the video. I am in fact one of them. I make it a point not to show my thrower their video until after the competition. I recently read a rule comment specifically for high school track (NFHS) that now makes me believe that I can in fact show them the video during a competition as long as its after the throw and I am in a unrestricted area.

    What is your thoughts on this?

    I am particularly interested in the thoughts of the other coaches in my area that I see on this forum who also have athletes compete in the CIF Southern Section.

    Details taken from this page
    NFHS | NFHS Track and Field and Cross Country Comments on the Rules 2014
    3-2-8, 3-2-4k and 3-2-7 – Technology advancements in the
    area of electronic audio and video devices have made such items easy to
    use and very accessible. Their use, if not used for communication during
    the actual competition when a competitor is on the track or completing a
    trial, no longer creates an advantage or disadvantage among competitors or
    teams and can serve as a coaching tool. These items may be used in the
    coaches’ box and/or unrestricted areas. They shall not be used to review
    an official’s decision. The games committee no longer has authority to
    restrict their use.


    The video is from the invitational that my school hosts where I coach the throws at. It was amazing to see her throw in person. Very powerful and intense. Cant wait to see what the future holds for her.