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    Junk show. How do you pick a winner between a half-dozen men with 2014 bests 5' of each other?

    I can see Tero Pitkämäki taking the field if he can hit 86m early on. If not, 2012 EC golden man Vitezslav Vesely, with his world leading throw over 87m, should put the Czech Republic on the top-step. Hofmann and Tarabin have been over 85m and could be in the mix for bronze. Might youngster Thomas Röhler raise his game to countrymen Harting and Storl and find a PB of 87m or 88m throw for the win? Love to see it, but doubt it.

    Like the men, junk show. We've got five women in the mix according to the tape, but that is not always an indicator in the javelin. Two looking at gold, with at least three chasing bronze.

    Linda Stahl seems to be showing the best fitness. The German has the big throws and the big wins this summer. WR setter and new mom Barbora Spotakova is coming off the shelf and would like to bring home EC gold, especially considering her coach, all-time great Jan Zelezny, never did. She's not lost in 2014, so why start now? Two Slovenians, Madara Palameika and Martina Ratej, look to put themselves in the mix along with Hanna Hatsko-Fedusova.

    Looks like shades of 1132 AD when the Hungarians took it to the Poles - - world champion Pawel Fajdek looks to redeem Duke Bolesław III the Wrymouth and defeat Olympic champion Krisztián Pars. Pars' July 8 PB of 82,49m shows his fitness, and marks him as a slight favorite. After losing in Moscow he make some extra motivation to move Fajdek off the top podium spot. But Fajdek also PBed in July with his 82,37m. Great battle on top, with the Slovenians Lomnický and Kozmus lying in wait for one to falter or bring home bronze.

    Even though Malachowski is top on the 2014 discus list, 2012 EC winner harting has to be the favorite. Our Polish hit his 69,28 in May, a long time ago. Whether he injured, training hard or tired, he's living around the 66m line these days. Harting 68,47 shows his fitness in this 'off' year and is a proven winner. Maríc's 67,92 marks him 3rd on the world list, but not 3rd in the prediction list.

    The big question is can Alekna or Kanter win a medal? Let's hope so.

    While it's hard to see David Storl reach local hero Werner Günthör's meet record of 22,22m (72' 10¾") from 1986; the German would have to falter to not gain gold. The German has passed the 21,50 his last four competitions and is clear of his European competitors by nearly 60cm (2'). The man with two gold medals in his sock drawer, Tomasz Majewski, does not seem to be in the kind of form needed to drop a 21m-high need to defend his EC title from Barcelona, while Russian Aleksandr Lesnoy's season best of 21,40m (70' 2½") will keep the German honest, he'll need a big improvement to challenge the two-time world champion.

    Jackson, her Federation wanted her to come back for a meet, which she didn't even throw in, so she was supposed to be here training in California for 6-8 weeks but she had to go back after three and a half. I think the other 3-4 weeks of training here with Rutger would/could have helped. Just for the weather alone, it has been over 100 degrees just about everyday where she lives. Here in Newport it's a breezy 75 everyday, and like I said let alone the great training partner.

    Ug... plus no coach. The insanity of our sport.

    Twelve go through the final.
    qualifying results:
    64.53 Samuels (Australia)
    58.44 Punia (India)
    58.24 Gollshewsky (Australia)
    57.19 Hakeai (New Zealand)
    57.13 Lally (England)
    56.64 Knibb (Jamaica)
    55.05 Francis (England)
    54.68 Law (Scotland)
    54.32 Thomas (Jamaica)
    52.46 Chamberlin (Australia)
    51.36 Poonia (India)
    50.32 LaBonte (Canada)
    13th 49.78 Lada (Cyprus)

    Sad to see only one CG athlete at the Glasgow DL meet.
    HOFFA Reese USA
    LAURO Germán Luján ARG
    PRÁŠIL Ladislav CZE
    STORL David GER

    Two big names on the scratch list.
    Ryan Whiting Nike 22.11 qualified scratched
    Ryan Crouser Texas 21.39m qualified scratched

    Men Shot Put

    Christian Cantwell Nike 21.85m qualified declared
    Reese Hoffa Nike / New York Athletic Club (NYAC) 21.64m qualified declared
    Joseph Kovacs Nike 21.52m qualified declared
    Kurtis Roberts Nike 21.50 qualified declared
    Jordan Clarke 21.21 qualified declared
    Cory Martin Nike 20.73m qualified declared
    Darrell Hill Penn St. 20.57 qualified declared
    Nick Vena Georgia 20.39 qualified declared
    Curtis Jensen Illinois St. 20.33 qualified declared
    Zack Lloyd National Athletic Institute 20.25 qualified declared
    == 10 ==
    Jonathan Jones University at Buffalo 20.22m qualified declared
    Richard Garrett Jr UTSA 20.14 qualified declared
    William Irwin Sr 20.13 qualified declared
    Eric Werskey Chula Vista Elite 20.13 qualified declared
    Joshua Weldon Texas Tech 20.11 qualified declared
    Albert Fournette III 20.09m qualified declared
    Christopher Reed Minn. St. Mankato 20.07 qualified declared
    Hayden Baillio 20.06m qualified declared
    == 18 ==
    Richard Chavez 20.06m qualified declared

    David Nichols 19.36 not qualified not accepted

    Ryan Whiting Nike 22.11 qualified scratched
    Ryan Crouser Texas 21.39m qualified scratched

    Bradley Szypka Kentucky 19.85 not qualified scratched

    Antonio James Michigan St. 19.93 not qualified
    William Pless 19.13m not qualified

    T&FN formchart:

    1. Ryan Crouser Texas Jr
    2. Stipe Zunic’ Florida Jr
    3. Stephen Mozia' Cornell Jr
    4. Stephen Saenz’ Auburn Sr
    5. Darrell Hill Penn State Jr
    6. Jonathan Jones Buffalo Jr
    7. Nick Vena Georgia Jr
    8. Albert Fournette Louisiana-Lafayette Sr
    9. Curtis Jensen Illinois State Sr
    10. Nicholas Scarvelis UCLA So