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    What has happened to spear chucking?!?! Just thought I'd start a discussion....

    Just looking at and reminiscing about the hurlers that inspired me - Jan, Steve, Seppo, Kimmo, Mick, and others...

    Since 2004ish - the number of throwers throwing over 85m, and for that matter the number of actual throws over 85m has reduced quite significantly.

    Take 2000 as an example. 61 throws over 85m by 16 athletes. Roll to 2013 and only 30 throws over 85m by 7 athletes!!!!!!!

    In most years the top mark or two have been very good, but the strength in depth seems to have really suffered. And I know it's only half way through June, but this year so far, only TWO throws over 85m by only TWO athletes!!!

    So, folks, why the apparent drop in quality? Discuss!! :)