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    Best competition of all the throwing events at nationals, and in my opinion the best of the entire meet. Probably the greatest javelin competition in US women's history. A shame that horrible facilities left this to be contested out of the stadium. Trying to watch it through the warm up track sucked, but worth it.

    The landing area was even with the throwing surface. The raised ring was great in allowing the fans to watch. The area from the ring up through the landing area slopes upward. Dirt and sand were used to build up the landing area to be legal.

    Season opener - have at it!

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    Here is my $.02 - For support devices, I want to use the same in the gym that I do in the ring. Because I do not use wraps or a belt while throwing, I do not use them in the gym.
    Straps I do use in the gym because they can help me replicate the feeling in my arms and hands while throwing(hammer). I think too much grip/forearm work can be a negative influence on hammer throwing.

    I measure throws every training session. My training programs are primarily based on my understanding of Bondarchuck's teachings. Measuring helps me find out what does and what does not transfer, how training loads affects my throwing performance, and how to schedule training to maximize competition results. Over time I have learned things like how much a weight lifting session will affect the next day's throwing session, how different training schedules influence results, and how performance differs when training after work versus a weekend day, etc. It allows me to fine tune my training and get the best results in competition.

    I have greatly reduced my general strength training loads for this season(which stars this week!).
    Heaviest lifts in this years training:
    Clean - 175lbs(80kg)
    Snatch - 135lbs(61lg)
    Squat - 155lbs(70kg)
    Front Squat - 135lbs(61kg)
    Goals for the season - 17m(weight), 60m(hammer)