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    I prefer my old red Cantabrian. Mainly because i'm a stupid shot putter. So it's a easy discus to throw :) I have also two Denfi Skymasters but havent learned to throw them yet.. Maybe i have to sell my skymasters and stick with my stupid Cantabrian :D

    Age:25, Events: Shot and discus. Records 18,48 & 51,19. Height/weight 196cm/142kg

    Snatch 125kg
    C&J 170kg (Raw clean)
    Bench 230kg (legs on the floor)
    Bench 200kg (''military bench'' legs up, back on the bench)
    Back squat 230kg
    Front squat 180kg
    Standing military press 130kg

    I do boxing training whole year around once a week. it's very good if you do it like a thrower. Ankle-Knee-Hip-Shoulder -rotations all pretty similar to shot put and discus. I've heard that Mika Halvari also did some boxing..

    I tried to calculate my bench press output today :) I did 9x160kg and the first lift of the set gave me 1255W output. Sounds reasonable?
    Bar movement 0,48m
    time from chest to straight arms 0,60s

    So 160kg x 9,81 x 0,48m / 0,60s = 1255,68 W -> 1,7 HP. Interesting :)

    I tried it also in squat. 215kg lift output was 918W

    Many of those shot putter's weights are junior weights i think :D You can add ~15kg to almost all of them.

    Over ten years ago while Mika Halvari was still competing his 'official' weight was 130kg. In reality it was 190kg in his prime.

    i would do it just from chest up. i would first measure the distance which the bar travels during the lift and then take video of those lifts. Yeah 5 reps ok because you can afterwards watch the video and choose the fastest lift. It might get a bit complicated if you try to measure the overall output of those five reps. So i would go just with one rep :) In kinovea or some other software you can slow it down and measure the lift's duration correctly.

    How do you figure the watt output on a bench?

    I think it's possible to calculate the output of your benchpress with knowledge of basic physics :) So you don't need some special software or some 'machine' to measure it.

    W= mgh/t -> W= mass x gravity x height / time. So weight of the bar is mass, gravity is gravitational constant 9.81, height is how much the bar has moved during the lift and time is simply time used to do the lift.

    Sorry my physics is kind of rusty but i have to check out my own bench press output next time i do speed bench :D

    I think DP has done that video using Kinovea. All kind of angle measurements and timing can be done with Kinovea. It's good and free :) I personally use Coach's eye on my android phone. It also has same kind of a timer than Kinovea. Yesterday i had some spare time and i managed to make a tripd mount for my cell phone :D I don't have my coach always with me when i throw so tripod will come in handy taking video of my throws. Coach's eye is really good application! It has everything i need. And no need to take video with my videocamera and then transfer all those big files to my computer and then analyse. All done on my phone with coach's eye :)