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    Hello everyone, :)
    Iam just wondering if u guys prefer heavier weights over lighter in the competitive season? My coach told me, that its better to lift lighter weights and move them dynamically. What is your opinion on this?
    I found, that its better for me when I lift heavier weights and do just 3-4 reps in 3 series.

    Iam almost 20 years old shot putter and my PB is just 12,57m.
    gym PBs are 140kg squat, 100kg bench , 105kg power clean and 70kg snatch.
    I think Im just too weak to move a 7,26kg ball.

    Hello everyone,
    Im just wondering if any thrower from London visit this forum. Im going to work here from July to September and looking for sparing partner. So if youre interested, please leave me a message or post in this thread. Thanks :)