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    Thanks everybody for the nice response. @ThrowerFanatic, hammer is my favourite and I like doing shot put as well. If I have the chance, I do weight throw, too, and in summer I love the pentathlon. But I mainly focus on hammer and shot put training.
    @Melanie, I have never experienced meditation, maybe I should give it a try. It will take me a while until I can throw as automatically as tying my shoe, but I'll try and get there :)
    Focussing on only one or two technical aspects is important, I know that, but my mind is alway playing tricks with me. Gotta work on that.
    As far as I know, Christina Schwanitz improved so much because she learned to have fun while competing. I guess, that's what it's all about. I watched Ryan Whiting's face during the competition in Sopot. He smiled alot and looked quite relaxed.
    So my new motto will be: Don't worry, throw happy! :D

    Hi, I'm a masters thrower and have never been a professional athlete. All the same athletics is a big part of my life and I'm enjoying throwing very much. Still there is one thing that is giving me problems quite often and that's a big lack of mental strength when it comes to important competitions. My thoughts go crazy, my legs get weak and I just can't manage to keep cool. Our world championships will take place in two weeks and thanks to my coach Lutz Caspers (former world class hammer thrower), who is always very patient with me, my training is going very well. But how can I be good when it counts? I would be very thankful for some advice. What are your experiences and strategies?