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    the zoom rivall sd was created to challenge the market forr more affordable and basic throwing shoes. Primary difference is that the zoom rival SD has NO plate in the toe box of the shoe. Where the SD and rotational have it as a staple...the sole material on the rival is thicker and will likely last longer but will be "slower"...very good shoe though!

    Thanks, Jason! I appreciate your info about the shoes.

    The bottom of the shoe is the exact same I believe but the upper is the different. The Zoom is much higher quality while the Rival is a lower price economy shoe. It's not bad for the price but you could see it fall apart faster than usual.

    Thanks! That's what I thought from viewing the soles online, but wasn't positive and I haven't had a chance to hold the shoes side by side in person yet. I usually wear the soles out long before the uppers, so the Rival version might be a good option for least for practice.

    Thanks again, I appreciate the help.

    I apologize if this has been asked and answered previously, but does anyone know the differences between the Nike Zoom SD and the Zoom Rival SD? (Besides the price.....hahaha! I know I'm cheap.) I'm just curious if one shoe's sole is made differently than the other, or if the only difference is in the upper.

    I would be using these for hammer and weight, as I know it makes a difference. I currently have Zoom SD's that are excellent, but will wear out at some point.