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    Negative. Mike was accused of testing positive on 2 of 3 samples I believe during the indoor season '93, might have been outdoor season. There were witnesses present who overhead the convo that an example needed to be made, regardless of whether he was guilty. However, the statements weren't enough to retest from the excess sample given or support a decision to overturn. Bottom line: $money$ runs this game. If it's in the best monetary interest of the governing body (fan base and appeal=$$), the decision that benefits the institution will always prevail. It's political and it's nasty. Officials can be bought, it's dirty.

    Not right to feel sorry for them. They've had structured doping and cover-ups since the 60s in the old USSR. I'd already heard from multiple sources years before this came out - athletes (current and former), officials, and coaches - regarding the confirmed evidence of this. Not fair when (most of) the rest of the athletes are vigilantly scrutinizing every little supplement they take and eating highly disciplined diets while the dopers can do whatever bc they can rely on the drugs for help; the tests are finagled and officials are paid off, damn IAAF... Corrupt like any institution/governing body over professional sporting venues...look at the NFL and FIFA - just BS. Take a trip to Texas and talk with Mike Stulce at his gun range, he'll tell you all about the corruption-and he has a dozen witnesses including people who were in the 'private meeting' before they decided to DQ him. Beside, half these guys have biochemists good enough to cheat the tests without the use of known masking agents on the WADA list. Pisses me off.

    Hey Florian, I had a few uploaded, took them down once I started working with my coaches, not looking for publicity, just looking for other athletes' and coaches' knowledge and dropping some of my own. Big things to come this indoor season. Thanks.

    That wasn't 19...17.5-18, trajectory was definitely greater than 50deg, optimum stand=40-42deg and full rotation/glide= 36-38deg. By themselves, they're 2 different throws, but the 'stand' changes when you use it as part of the full technique, becomes dynamic, lower angle(stronger press) can be achieved due to gained momentum. Also, Majewski is a long puller, his stands will be further if he throws at about 45-47deg.

    Nice Matt, you're getting over the left much better; now 'close the hinge out of the back', that left foot is a bit active out of the back, more push with the R out of the back and through the middle, and way to attack with the instep, think of the left as a hinge with a 270deg valance. Also, youre getting off the left a bit late...envision a line parallel with the right sector about 3' to the right of that sector line from a South African, that's where you want to get off the left, not when you're facing the circle. Great progress, keep it up!

    It happens, Eldred Henry was under 18m last season and just popped 20m a few weeks ago, but it's unlikely. It happens when you have that 'Ah-ha!' moment in training and you realize you can replicate in the meet. When I jumped about 1.3m from my previous PR in 2013, yeah, lol, it'll make you feel 10feet tall.

    The entire disc? As far as I know, most of them are only capable of printing with plastic or carbon fiber spools. To get your optimal rim/center weight differential, you'd have to go with a material with a much higher density. I'm not sure of the heat thresholds of the working parts of the machine, but the melting point of steal is 1375deg C, about 2500deg F. There's no way a tabletop apparatus of the size they are marketing now could handle that; great idea, though, I'd say yes on the plates. Use a lighter weight(which means it will have to be thicker), higher tensile strength/higher impact carbon fiber material for a more durable disc.

    And hell, if we could work with metals, there'd be no need to pay Nelco or Nishi $300-$400 per perfectly balanced shot, we could just print them for the cost of materials =O

    Saw Adam stand about 19.25ish pre-meet in '04, Dylan a few months ago 17.75-18.25, both in person; have never seen a 21m thrower under 17/17.5. I think Adam's thing was that left leg...he was used to striking hard after whipping it around (hard to time that, I've tried) instead of tucking it out of his wheel, but his stands and step-ups were over 19.

    Some guys can have horrendous stands but can push the right so damn fast outta the back they gain 15ft though the circle.

    Matt, good throw, focus on PUSHING more with the right leg outta the back, I used to go balls-out and open a super-wide L leg out of the back too, but this yields pulling, while pushing is much more efficient, yielding a hell of a lot more force forward, thus more distance through the circle. Practicing clock turns with NO WIND-UP focusing on pushing with the right leg are most beneficial. The best example can be seen watching some of Taf's videos... he has nearly 0 wind into his turn out of the back; and while you're doing these, don't come UP with the right, keep it closer to the ground.

    You're coming up into your 9 o'clock drop, spilling the proverbial bucket of water that is your hips to the left, this is how you can FEEL you're pulling. Just keep that right foot 3-4" off the ground into your drive phase, hips low and even.

    Good job attacking with the instep through the middle! LAND LOW and DO NOT PRE-TURN...when you touch down into double support (when L foot touches), you're already turning the hips past the 9'oclock position. Practice those flamingos, land it facing hips to the rear(STOP), then toe-knee hip through a solid non-reverse. Just practicing landing focusing on hips-to-the-rear of the circle will create the necessary separation for really big throws. Land deeper, SOFT R LEG, great ups on the release! Keep it up, progress is looking good.

    Thus, the hip mobility drills, Matt. These will also help you with your squats, DLs, RDLs, pistols, jerks/double jerks, all Olympic lifts...EVERYTHING...and definitely through the middle as you achieve your power stance in double support. While being flexible is great, limited static stretching to include eldoas, google 'world's greatest stretch'; also, ask your coach about recommending a dynamic stretching program...'the warm-up' before the warm-up, if you will. We use these exclusively...everything is based on elongating fascial planes, head-to-toe, and it works.

    Matt, the best way I can explain these concepts to you is by referring you to Coach Ciarelli's YouTube vid on 'flamingos', link

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    Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy. need to land the 'soft right' (deeper R leg, R hip over the R heel), whip the left wider into double support phase (power stance)...a good mobility drill for the left leg is to get down on all fours, straighten one leg back, whip it back-and-forth past the opposite's heel and then up to shoulder level. Do a few sets of these daily, ask your coach for some more hip mobility drills, google 'eldoa stretches' (focus on the hip stretches and hip mobility techniques)...use 50-100lb bands with the resistance stretches, need to loosen up those hips some and gain more mobility to keep them from pre-turning and still be able to produce the open stance you need to throw far down the middle of the sector

    Rustam, first... your drive needs to be a 'leap forward', if you will. You need to land the 'soft right leg', aka GET LOWER IN YOUR POWER POSITION. You start tall...this is fine, so do I, but it all starts w/ the 'drop at 9o'clock'...see coach Mac's vids on this. Upon contact with your left leg, your hips are waaaaay pre-turned; you're not achieving maximum torque! Hips should be facing the rear in double support. Toe-knee-hip, followed by the upper body creates an incredible amount of torque.

    Your release is completely airborne...not even one foot is in contact with the ground. We are MUCH stronger when the throw occurs with BOTH FEET in contact with the ground...the throw itself NEEDS the resistance the ground provides. Non-reverse throws/progressions will correct this. The reverse is just an afterthought, it is our bodies' response to producing forward/centrifugal force and having to stop before/at the toe board. The reverse is not part of the throw, it is a byproduct of the throw, don't make it a part of the throw itself, you're not going to throw as far.

    Other than that, your line looks decent and you've got good release height and angle. We strive for unobtainable perfection and while we'll never achieve it, through our journey, we can break through previously unimaginable barriers and thresholds. Keep it salty.

    mmmm....once per day, 6 days/wk, 40-60 in off-season, except for exclusively rudimentary work cycles (my favs) ; ) 20-30 in-season; thresholds are 1-injury (get it sorted ASAP, even miniscule pulls and aches, BE PROACTIVE!!) and 2-breakdown in technique (awareness, drills to fix technique, throw again tomorrow)

    OK, just saw some of the Storhl training footage(not sure when that was posted/how old it is). Honestly, I can move that weight (approx. 900lb) with a full ROM (knees through my chest) on that same press machine much faster and for more repetitions, as I am sure many throwers can. I might even incorporate these on a speed day...same weight for speed. Sure its a lot of weight, but there are many people out there that can do more, faster, and with full ROM, then drop the feet down to the edge and do 15 calf raises for each set, lol...that's my routine when I do these.

    All the LP machine does is isolate the leg muscles and glutes, takes the back and balance out of a free squat...balance and proprioceptic stabilizers are necessary for what we do, so I'd rate the exercise itself about a 65/100 for a thrower, but sure, you can show off moving more weight. Hell, take a PL stance and hit a big below-parallel squat for bragging rights.

    As for the 3.8s 30m, this would indicate a 4.9-5.1sec 40time. Many NFL lineman are faster(and weigh more than 120kg). 300+lb NFL linemen running 4.6-4.7s, on average, are not uncommon. Heck, at 260lb in college, as a middle linebacker,I ran a 4.75s 40m from a stand. Now for throwers, HILL SPRINTS are where it's at...very direct correlation to the drive leg coming through to the power stance. Burst sprints on flat ground, though, I'd rate that exercise a 70/100 for throwers.

    This must be some off-kilter training for him, because these are certainly not good indicators of a 22m shot thrower. I'm sure this was just some off stuff he posted.

    Hey Matthew a few things here... first, your throws from the spring-you were opening up too wide too early. If you felt off balance, that's where it originates from. Upon mid-drive, you should be able to draw a line perpendicular to the ground through the ball of the left foot, the left hip, through the shot. Your June throws looked better in this respect. Imagine the shot (get ready people I'm gonna say it again!) rotating on an axis, forward, straight through the middle of the circle. Imagine that line we just drew as a pedestal supporting it directly from the bottom.

    Your separation is inconsistent, sometime its there and sometime it isn't. Imagine a glider who just finished his glide and the hips and upper body pointed to 6o'clock-drive leg, hips, upper body. Half your throws are moving everything at once. As rotators, we can't get as long or block as hard out of that final half-turn, but hell if we can't try!

    Finally, your release is airborne. Your release is going to be stronger from the ground. You'll be able to drive forward and up rather than just up. Non-reverse stands and half-turns are helpful here. The reverse is an afterthought. Remember, all the power comes from being in contact with the ground. There's nothing once we leave it. I've tried pushing against air, didn't have great results.

    You're doing a lot of things right, though. The ball is moving down the middle of the circle, you're not occupying the left hemisphere of the ring, oh yeah...try landing a bit more open, you're throwing across your body a lot (earlier vids). It's funny because some of my longest throws are to the left side of the sector, as well. But, there's more room for the hips to snap when we're open.

    Ultimately, the best thing is to have a well-trained set of eyes on your technique with a full compliment of drills. Best of luck, Matt.

    aghh...he wouldn't have beaten Joe today, Coach Mac's done a marvelous job with him... watch that wide sweeping drive leg, he's gained so much more whip outta the back, lands the soft right, BAM! Was hoping Jon would PR again, he actually threw 20.75 the day before. But, with only 5yrs total throws experience, coach G's just doing awesome things with these kids at UB.