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    When reached in Toronto for comment John Smith said,
    "Same rings, different t-shirts."

    Oxford. Mississippi. USA Olympic head coach Connie Price-Smith has been hired as the head cross country and track & field coach at the University of Mississippi (colloquially known as Ole Miss Rebels). Coming alongside coach Price-Smith is throwing coach and husband–the unconventional rabble-rouser John Smith. Smith is currently in Canada with the USA Pan Am squad.

    Coach Smith will be replacing two-time…

    What are the coaching changes and job openings you've heard about? Colleges, High Schools, Countries, Training Groups, International Teams. . . etc.
    Who has. . .
    . . . switched training groups?
    . . . athletes have changed coaches?
    . . . coaches have switched schools?
    . . . 1st time coaching jobs?
    . . . posted a new job?

    Ryan was talking at NCAA's about throwing just not being fun for him for a while now. He actually seemed pretty unhappy about the whole thing. Too many years, too many injuries, too many reps would be my guess and maybe its just time for a break and possibly come back revitalized. His hand and elbow were clearly a mess and based on the amount of pain he was in, I can see where he would want/need to take some real time away from shot. Ryan could have won NCAA's in discus but he was just missing it and there are a whole lot of reasons that could be the case but I personally feel that if he focused on discus for a year and let things heal up for shot he could well take a run at 66M next summer for the Olympics. Now 66M is a huge number but Ryan has some pretty exceptional skills. I am also not suggesting that is the route he would take but I do know that there is a huge difference between throwing a single vent full time versus being a full time student training in two events (even crazier for the kids throwing three events at a high level). Ryan will only be 23 years old in December so he is just on the verge of needing to decide what he wants to do. He looked like he was about 260-270lbs at NCAA's so that would not be a loss of 20lbs. His only good warmup throw would have won the meet but clearly he hand/elbow were shot after that one throw. If I were going to bet a few buck on what he does at USA's I would put him down for 62.50-63.50M in disc.

    Excellent insights.

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    placeathleteclub or schoolbest markbest markrnd 1rnd 2rnd 3rnd 4rnd 5rnd 6
    1stJohn MaurinsWake Forest21,90m71' 10¼"20,85m 68' 5"foul19,85m 65' 1½"21,90m 71' 10¼"foulfoul
    2ndAyomidotun OgundejiUCLA20,67m67' 9¾foulfoul20,13m 66' ½"20,67m 67' 9¾"foul19,89m 65' 3¼"
    3rdWillie Morrison20.65m67' 9"19,46m 63' 10¼"20,65m 67' 9"foulfoulfoul20,26m 66' 5¾"
    4thMatthew KatnikArete Throws20,11m65' 11¾"foul18,74m 61' 5¾"20,11m 65' 11¾"foulfoulfoul
    5thJamal WhittakerIowa Central20,03m65' 8¾"foul18,96mm 62' 2½"19,30m 63' 4"18,76m 61' 6¾"20,03m 65' 8¾"foul
    6thPayton OtterdahlTeam North Dakota19,76m64' 10"19,12m 62' 8¾"19,59m 64' 3¼"19,36m 63' 6¼"19,39m 63' 7½"19,51m 64' ¼"19,76m 64' 10"
    7thBenjamin BonhurstFlorida St.19,46m63' 10¼"19,46m 63' 10¼"19.29 63' 3½"foul19,15m 62' 10"foul19,20m 63' 0"
    8thTristen NewmanStanford19,06m62' 6½"19,06m 62' 6½"foul18,63m 61' 1½"foulfoul18,95m 62' 2¼"
    9thJack LembckeWashington18,85m61' 10¼"18,85m 61' 10¼"foulfoul
    10thCorey MurphyMonmouth18,82m61' 9"18,82m 61' 9"foulfoul
    11thKevin WeilerCentral Michigan University18,78m61' 7½"18,33m 60' 1¾z"18,78m 61' 7½"foul
    12thMyQuon StoutAppalachian State18,62m61' 1¼"foulfoul18,62m 61' 1¼"
    13thDevon Patterson18,57m60' 11¼"17.52 57-5¾foul18,57m 60' 11¼"
    14thAmir Ali Patterson18,45m60' 6½"17,83m 58' 6"18,09m 59' 4¼"18,45m 60' 6½"
    15thEric Favors18,32m60' 1¼"18,32m 60' 1¼"foul17.70 58-1
    16thSam KempkaArkansas18,10m59' 4¾"18,10m 59' 4¾"17.24 56-6¾17.30 56-9¼
    17thAvery CarterMissouri17,01m55' 9¾"17,01m 55' 9¾"foulfoul
    18thLuke Grodeska16,41m53' 10¼"15,22m 49' 11¼"15,27m 50' 1¼"16,41m 53' 10¼"
    19thReno Tuufuli University of Iowa16.39m53' 9¼"foulfoul16,39m 53' 9¼"
    20thZachary ShortLebanon Athletic Club16,08m52' 9¼"15,39m 50' 6"15,86m 52' ½"16,08m 52' 9¼"
    21thJeff Rogers Arkansas Flight: 1FOULfoulfoulfoul

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    You wonder what it takes for a thrower to get to the USAs, or the Olympics? It's not for the weak.
    Tomorrow is Day 1 of the USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships. For 12 years of my life, this singular day dominated my every decision: when I slept, when I woke, what I ate, who I spent time with, where I lived . . . and a million other choices, both big and small.
    I disliked Sunday hours and holidays when the gym was closed. Had no patience for whining at the ring or in the weightroom. I…

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    In the classic tale about Alice, Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll shared Humpty Dumpty and Alice's great semantical argument:
    'When I use a word,' Coach Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.' 'The question is,' said Alice, 'whether you can make words mean so many different things.' 'The question is,' said Coach Dumpty, 'which is to be master — that's all.'
    During today's training session I about dropped a nut when I…

    Poor form. Throwing out accusations and insults "Anonymous".

    If would venture that if either of these men were German police officers they would be 70m throwers. What you call "lack of talent" I call "harsh reality". Also, the men live different lives . . . Young has a family that takes up much of his time, as it should.

    Feel free to comment but don't be a moron and sling mud while hiding behind a tree.

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    Zylstra: Big day today, 68,19m (223' 8"), at the Peak meet (Peak Performance Track Classic) in Pearl (Mississippi USA). How does it feel, Jason?
    "Dadz" Morgan: Hey man, new Jamaican record and #1 throw in the world, it's a goooood feeling. I've worked so hard to get where I am and where I'm going. Thank you God.
    For the past two weeks in practice I've been consistently throwing over 65-67m. I hurt my shoulder earlier this year– nobody really know about that–so it's been a battle. I'm to a point…

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    What is the core of your off-season training goals, philosophy?

    In the summer and fall, the training goals I have for my group are to build a strong base and workload capacity. We also work on becoming physically better than ever before. We condition in the fall with circuit type training for our general strength phase. I believe the off season sets the stage for championships. Championships are won or lost in the offseason.

    Do your athletes throw in the off-season? If so, what is the goal of…

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    Who Do I Coach:

    I coach 19 throwers at Louisiana State University. They cover all events. Most notably are Rodney Brown 64.68m discus throw and Tori Bilss 17.49m. They all train at Louisiana State University.

    Our track/throws field/weight room is in one facility. Off season training goals are to build a strength, mobility and technical proficiency. We do throw, however other than the hammer, we do not begin technical sessions until October 1st. Our throws sessions off season are where we make…

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    Eau Claire University senior Roger Steen found the right mojo to drop a monster 18,81m (61' 8½") to move up from 5th [17,65m (57' 11")] for a final round win. He tells us how.
    It was amazing, the throw was good right from the circle. It felt all connected and I was patient with my hip at the finish. The competition was an amazing experience!

    Colt [Feltes from Wartburg College] started it all, throwing great out of the first flight and threw set the tone with his 18,44m [4th round 60' 6" for…