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    "That promise you made to yourself to track your progress. I took detailed notes of my gains in lifting and throwing. Notes are important; they’re your past and your future. Review your notes. If you don’t have notes or a training diary, you are wrong. Study yourself, but not in the mirror."

    In my experience those that do not use a training journal do not want to admit how little they are doing.

    Discussion of article U20 Raven Saunders Shakes-Up the States with her 16,35m (53' 8"):

    Raven Saunders Shakes-Up the States
    moves to 4th in the world coming into 2014

    After watching her 2013 season best of 12,01m (39' 5”) falling well short of her 12,92m (42' 5”) from 2012, South Carolinian Raven Saunders (USA) decided some changes needed to be made, and made they were. The reason behind the drop, Saunders simply states, “[2013] just wasn't my year. I’m actually happy I did go down in distance because I wouldn't have learned from it and be where I am now.” Sometime we need all…

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    This is not an add. We promote throwing, and this about throwing 1st, commerce 2nd. When you spend time with and around the best, the very elite, the 1%ers–you have to work hard not to learn something, to not grow as a thrower, as a person.

    At the upcoming Gold Medal Throws Camp you'll spend time around throwing 1%ers Reese Hoffa, Adam Nelson, and Don Babbitt for a 1 or 2 day throws camp. You may've found all three together at the back booth of London's Lamb & Flag pub but this is the 1st time…

    Discussion of article Who Will Spark Tokyo's Olympic Flame?:

    Throwholics' choice to light the Olympic Cauldron in Tokyo?
    室伏 重信 and his children 室伏 由佳 and 室伏 アレクサンダー 広治
    a.k.a. Shigenobu Murofushi and his children Yuka and Koji.

    We'd love to see Koji drop a flaming hammer into the cauldron from a pad raised 25m off the ground and 70m or so away from the torch.

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    Discussion of article Abakumova on Top of the World in Berlin:

    >The Russian knocks out another world leading throw.

    Russian Maria Abakumova again showed she is the fittest of the 2013 javelin throwers with a cracking 70.53m (231' 4") in Berlin. All Moscow world champion Christina Obergföll (Germany) could could muster was a 3rd round 63.30m (207' 8"), her only measured throw of the day and one spot behind compatriot Linda Stahl's useful 65.35m (214' 5"). One wonders, in light of how the World Championships fleshed out, if Abakumova has done enough to earn…

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    >Christina Obergfoll has gone down two meets in a row, does her Moscow gold say "So what?"

    Eastern European stars Maria Abakumova and Tero Pitkämäki produced similar results in meets a mere 2 hour drive through the German countryside away. They both knocked out the furthest throws since 2011 on a pleasent Sunday afternoon.

    Moscow silver medalist Pitkamaki pierced the Bad Kostritz soil at a cracking 89,03m (292' 1") to go clear of Germany’s David Golling three meter PB of 80.67m (264' 8").…

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    Looks like Reese and Coach Babbitt floated the Rhine and found the pleasant village of Mannheim Germany as the place to prepare for battle against the European gliders and spinners from back home. For you tape lovers (like me) the orange cone sits at 21m (68' 10”) and the yellow cone 22m (72' 2”)… and come someone buy Coach an iPad with and tripod and Coach's Eye?…

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    Discussion of article From Iran "A Great Sinner By the Name of Ehsan Hadadi":

    Like our previous article, the translator wishes to remain anonymous.

    by Editor 90:
    It was during the 2012 London Olympic Games which the sport of track and field, with the outstanding work of a great sportsman by the name of Ehsan Hadadi, earned a precious silver medal in the discus throw. If he had thrown his discs 2 to 3 centimeters farther he would have over taken the German thrower and he would have placed the gold medal on his chest.

    None the less Ehsan's silver medal had the same value…