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    Men's Shot Put qualifying

    1. 21,59 Ryan Crouser (U.S.A.)
    2. 21,03 Tomas Walsh (New Zealand)
    3. 20,94 Darlan Romani (Brazil)
    4. 20,80 Jacko Gill (New Zealand)
    Joe Kovacs (U.S.A.)
    6. 20,71 Konrad Bukowiecki (Poland)
    7. 20,56 Tomasz Majewski (Poland)
    8. 20,52 Stipe Zunic (Croatia)
    9. 20,50 Damien Birkenhead (Australia)
    10. 20,47 David Storl (Germany)
    11. 20,45 Franck Elemba (Jamacia)
    12. 20,40 O'Dayne Richards (Jamacia)

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    U.S.A.T.F. is hosting a hammer meet at noon on Saturday, July 9 at Western Oregon University. While the meet will be in Monmouth, the hammers will be certified and impounded in Eugene; transported-to, and distributed-by, U.S.A.T.F. officials in Monmouth.

    We've heard that that the start list will include A.G. Kruger (flying back as we publish this), Conor McCullough, and Trials champion Rudy Winkler among others (see below) Here's hoping someone hung onto the shoes Kruger left in the ring or…

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    The Lonely Athlete

    Word is that the N.C.A.A. has (and will?) been keeping some coaches (and institutional funding) away from their pupils (at competitions) during this short window of time when track and field athletes are attempting to qualify for the Olympic Games and preparing to compete in said Games and their National Championships. One wonders if this will continue for the U.S. collegiates between the Olympic Trials and Olympic Games.

    As usual, the N.C.A.A. is interpreting their rules…

    The Problem here guys is that you want to protect the clean athletes with a populism sanction that will punished the clean athletes in Russia. You let a lot of clean athletes lose their last faith in this awful sport. My last year was a horror, I lose my fun for my sport. Doping was always around me, i learned to live in this situation. There will be always somebody who cheats, but I said to my self that I like hammer and I was thinking ok, you do not throw that far but you will never became problems with WADA. Cheaters have always to hide and I can compete where and when I want. But now I am suspended, with zero support from the other throwers.

    To me, this is the U.S. Government trying to embarrass Putin.

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    So here's what we've found in terms of how one qualifys for this summer's Olympic Games in Rio. The IAAF has decided that they will repeat 2015's two-standard system in 2016. So here's hoping the USATF does not muck-it-up again, but we're not holding our breath on that one. Let's us know what we've missed.

    Here's our source:
    QUALIFICATION SYSTEM – GAMES OF THE XXXI OLYMPIAD – RIO 2016 [URL:file:///Users/norm/Downloads/Rio%202016%20Olympic%20Games%20qualification%20system.pdf]

    Here's the list…

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    Tomáš Staněk (born 13 June 1991) 1st donned the Czech team kit in 2013 with a useful 5th with his 19,18m at the European U23 Championships in Tampere Finland. In 2015 he did not go through to the final with his 19th place 19,64m. In 2015 he set his personal best of 20,94m in Łódź.

    Zylstra: What do you need to work on, improve?
    Staněk: I need to get stronger in gym while staying as fast as I am now. My preparation for Olympic are the same as in other seasons. We are doing same practice…

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    Cory Martin (22 May 1985) is a US American shot putter. His best international outing so far is a 9th place at the 2013 World Championships in Moscow. Martin's personal best is a monster 22.10 meters (72' 6 "), set on a sunny day in Tucson Arizona on the 22nd of May of 2010, drops him at #19 on the earth's all-time shot put list.

    Zylstra: What do you need to work on, improve?
    Martin: Staying healthy. It's been a constant struggle to have some consistent training without an issue. I've been…

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    On site report from Mr Mattis:The Penn meet was absolutely miserable conditions: 43 degrees, no wind and snow before and during the meet. This is what most folks don't understand about Sam. He threw 218 in high school and was routinely throwing between 220 and 227 in practices. We thought he had a great shot at setting the HS discus record. As a sophomore he was only 4 feet behind Crouser's HS sophomore class record. Last year he was throwing between 210 and 217 in practices. However, the Ivy…

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    [caption id="attachment_15456" align="alignright" width="300"] Three world class girls getting ready for some shot putting[/caption]

    Jill Camarena-Williams (born 2 March 1982) is a US American shot putter and member of fourteen international teams. Those teams include seven World Championship squads and the 2008 Peking [URL:…%80%93_Women%27s_shot_put] (12th 18,51m 60' 8¾" SB) and 2012 London…

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