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    At last the world sees you! Question is a practice standing throw for a rotator different than for a glider. I am saying this because I see Majewski goes very low with his left hand almost to the ground whereas you don't. Is this because the stand throw pos you are going to get into rotating is different than what you would get into with a glide.

    ok problem is you are walking through the ring not running!. Your power leg lands before your blocking leg even leaves the back. You need to try and get them to land at around the same time. To do this you need to be able to turn your body while your in the air. Like to see it when you get this sorted. Use Microsoft movie maker and add the video twice. Make the second one super slow so we can see what is going on. This is what I did with this video and if you do it you will see the same issue

    really good question that I want to know the answer to as well! I found if you go back and say practice once a month it just doesn't work. You either need to be throwing a few times a week or not at all. I wonder in the off season it might not be just best to spend 5 minutes a day working on a certain problem you have on your technique.

    I cannot see if this ball went straight or not but probably is going to the left as you have a horizontal blocking arm. You should try and get your elbow to point down in the block. Train your self by hitting your shoulder with your blocking fist

    @James Joycey@Lachlan Page tells me his is 205 and he still might have some more growing to do!. Interesting point you make is that I realise this would make you much more suitable for glide rather than rotational as it means the shot can travel further from the low to high point of the throw. This is disregarding the fact that someone with such a wide span would be probably very tall so would be hard to stay in the ring anyway. For the Aussies out there imagine if Aaron Sandilands (aussied footballer) was a thrower - 244 CM!

    any chance we are ever going to see video of you?

    @Pascal you are a legend!

    @Odysseus using my trusty calculator you would be throwing at about 13 meters a second so not much reaction time! I agree it is really dangerous but I think it would be exciting to see it. At a normal track you cannot get that close to the action.
    this is safer but I imagine would be pretty good to be there

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    Matt I sent you a picture of your block via facebook. I think this is a major problem as you can see how the ball goes over to the left. You need to get the elbow pointing down to give the best path for the shot. Try hitting yourself on the shoulder with your fist to make sure it is pointing down
    I think you are kicking too high with your power leg which means there is a delay in you left leg landing. Your upper body has already started moving before it lands. Be great to see the throw from side on instead of behind.